One of the worst airports in America is making travelers even more miserable for a ridiculous reason

Many people who travel through the Los Angeles airport quickly put it on their own personal “do not fly” list.

The employees manning the gates may be mostly nice, but LAX is a logistical nightmare.

And now the big bosses are making travel through one of the country’s worst airports even more miserable for a ridiculous reason.

Cheers echoed through the cabins of airliners recently after a judge struck down a TSA rule requiring all passengers to wear masks during flights.

But those sick of being muzzled and needled at every turn are going to groan when they land in Los Angeles.

The Democrats in power are suffering from a chronic case of denial as they refuse to admit that masking every moment across our entire society is a futile effort and has failed miserably.

Current health policy is governed by modern superstitious beliefs rather than actual scientific data.

If we were really going to mask up enough to avoid a microscopic virus, we’d need the type of equipment scientists actually use in labs when dealing with potentially hazardous viral material: custom made molded face masks with filtration tighter than even N95 masks.

But that approach would be completely impractical and cost prohibitive – not to mention dangerous for daily use considering the oxygen deprivation involved.

Yet the politicians and bureaucrats over at LAX are so wrapped up in virtue signaling nothing else matters.

Los Angeles County Health Director Barbara recently gave the lamest excuse possible for keeping the mask mandate in place during an online briefing with reporters.

“They are experts,” Ferrer said according to My News LA. “They made a determination that at this point having that requirement in place is necessary for the public’s health, and that resonates with us.”

The last we checked, “’Cause, I said so,” isn’t sufficient information to establish a scientific and medical basis for widespread health policy.

But that’s the main thrust behind an appeal the government agency made after a federal district court judge struck down the Biden administration’s blatantly unconstitutional mask requirement.

“CDC will continue to monitor public health conditions to determine whether such an order remains necessary,” the agency declared in a statement. “CDC believes this is a lawful order, well within CDC’s legal authority to protect public health.”

No kidding.

Not only does the CDC believe just about any invasion of Americans’ privacy is a legitimate manifestation of its power, the federal government’s highest paid employee has been trying to lift the power of the nation’s bureaucracies above that of any branch of government.

“We’re worried about a precedent that would be a dangerous precedent,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said during an interview with CBS. “The CDC has the capability, through a large number of trained epidemiologists and scientists, to be able to make projections and make recommendations. Far more than a judge with no experience in public health.”

You sure don’t need a medical degree to figure out that what Fauci and Friends are selling is nothing short of a prescription for corruption and tyranny.

While the big wigs in charge of LAX are doing their level best to get brownie points from committed leftists, chances are a number of people walking through the airport masked up are busy contemplating how they can hop back on a plane out of California – and stay away for good.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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