One of Eric Adams’ biggest allies just delivered a stunning blow

The truth about unionism, particularly forced unionism, is that workers rarely benefit from it.

More often than not, a small echelon of union bosses live lives of luxury while rank-and-file workers are forced to go on strike and do the hard work. This is especially true in Democrat-controlled parts of America.

But one of Eric Adams’ biggest allies just delivered a stunning blow.

Patients are fighting for their lives while nurses go on strike

There are some services that society simply cannot function without, and nurses are one of those.

Unfortunately, greedy union bosses in New York City are depriving New Yorkers of nurses as a result of a wide-sweeping New York State Nurses Association strike.

According to The Associated Press, approximately 3,600 nurses at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan and 3,500 at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx have gone on strike.

As a direct result, New York’s health infrastructure has been plunged into chaos.

According to Breitbart News, these strikes have forced the two hospitals to “adjust their services, including diverting ambulances, postponing nonemergency surgeries, transferring patients, bringing in temporary staff, and assigning managers with nursing experience to cover for the missing workers.”

This is an administrative and medical nightmare for these hospitals and the entire city of New York.

Undoubtedly, Eric Adams is furious over these devastating strikes, which have created chaos all across the city.

The sad thing is that regardless of the outcome, rank-and-file nurses will likely see little to no long-term benefits as a result of their striking.

Strikes can be absolutely devastating to the average worker, and so-called strike pays that some unions offer usually do not even cover the bills that they owe.

The people who benefit the most from costly strikes like this one are wealthy and powerful union bosses who often live luxurious lifestyles.

To make matters worse, New York is not a Right to Work state which means all private sector workers are essentially forced to pay dues to these union bosses whether they want their representation or not.

The effects of these nursing strikes could be long-lasting and severe

Unless these massive strikes are quickly resolved, then it is fair to say that lives could be lost as a result of union boss greed.

Not only could people die as a result of a lack of care, but important surgeries are being postponed, and ambulances are being diverted.

Resolving this strike must be a priority.

The moral of the story is that unions these days do little to nothing to help workers and society as a whole.

Unions only benefit union bosses and the Democrat Party, who are beneficiaries of their massive campaign coffers.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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