One horrific crime in a notorious leftist hellhole has locals fearing for their lives

At this point, it is just common knowledge that crime is out of control in this country, even if some people on the Left do not like to admit it outright.

Having said that, it seems like the crimes being committed are getting more and more senseless and brazen by the day.

But this one horrific crime in a notorious leftist crime-ridden city has locals fearing for their lives.

Without a doubt, Chicago is among the deadliest cities in the entire United States.

So bad in fact that there are some parts of southside Chicago that police are too afraid to go into at all.

And to make matters worse, the crazy leftists running this city into the ground have poured gasoline on the fire by making it even harder for police officers to take action against violent criminals, all in the name of social justice.

Ever since they imposed these brain-dead policies after the riots of 2020, crime has gotten much more violent and uncontainable.

A prime example of this vicious crime wave occurred just the other day in Chicago in Edison Park.

A 70-year-old woman was enjoying her evening in her very own home when a deranged man busted into her house and beat her to death.

The suspect was found after he walked up to a random person and openly admitted to killing somebody without showing any sign of remorse or panic.

It is unknown if he had any relation to the woman or if drugs were involved.

However, it appears to be a random act of violence as of now.

This horrific homicide shows exactly what is happening to major cities like Chicago.

Criminals are more emboldened and as a result are more violent than we have seen in many years.

If major cities such as Chicago ever hope to get a handle on horrific crimes such as this then the brain-dead lawmakers running Chicago and other cities need to drop their anti-cop sentiments immediately.

From Los Angeles to New York people are being murdered, robbed, raped, and assaulted at alarmingly high rates.

It is time for residents to stand up and say enough is enough or this crisis will only continue to get worse and worse.

Defunding the police or even abolishing the police is the absolute last thing these communities need right now.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any update to this ongoing story.


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