One elementary school is literally cancelling Halloween and blaming “students of color”

All you hear in the news is just how every conservative is a racist who hates everyone.

But the truth of the matter is that leftists are as racist as they come and here is just another story proving it.

One elementary school is literally cancelling Halloween and blaming “students of color.”

If you just moved to the United States and started to watch the news, you would think every American in middle America was a racist.

Anyone who doesn’t bow down to the Left’s agenda is just labeled a racist as a way to discredit their beliefs.

But the truth of the matter is that leftists are the actual hood-wearing racists.

Some wear blackface, like Joy Behar in her early days (so literally back in the 1860s).

Some, like Biden, praise former Klan leaders like Robert Byrd.

And other leftists, like Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam, just can’t pick if they want to be in blackface or in a Klan hood so they just do both.

But if you need more proof of the Left’s racist backbone, just look at this story.

According to conservative radio host Jason Rantz, an elementary school in Seattle has cancelled Halloween because of “students of color.”

Franklin Day Elementary has always celebrated Halloween with a student parade and festivities.

However, now even Halloween is too much for leftists.

A newsletter sent out to parents read, “as a school with foundational beliefs around equity for our students and families, we are moving away from our traditional ‘Pumpkin Parade’ event and requesting that students do not come to school in costumes.”

And when pressed on the issue a spokesperson for the school claimed that the school’s Racial Equity Team thought it would be best to do away with Halloween because non-white students just don’t like it.

The spokesperson claimed, “In alliance with SPS’s unwavering commitment to students of color, specifically African American males, the staff is committed to supplanting the Pumpkin Parade with more inclusive and educational opportunities during the school day.”

Let’s be honest for a second.

The Left didn’t cancel Halloween at this school because non-white kids don’t like it.

Any day not doing school work is a good day for every kid.

They cancelled Halloween because they can’t stand to see kids enjoying the holiday in costumes like Ninjas and Indian attire.

But instead the school decided to blame the “students of color” for their own hatred of anything fun.


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