One disturbing video proves Chicago has descended into complete bedlam

Blue cities have gone mad.

Democrat leadership does nothing to reverse the trend.

And one disturbing video proves Chicago has descended into complete bedlam.

“Chicago” has become synonymous with lawlessness and feckless leadership.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost her bid for re-election, which was perhaps a sign that the city could turn an important corner.

However, Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson is arguably further to the left than Lightfoot.

After a mass riot in Downtown Chicago as part of the “Teen Takeover” viral trend, Johnson hemmed and hawed when he was asked by a local reporter to condemn looting.

In one disturbing incident caught on video during the riot, a young couple was beaten by a mob for no reason whatsoever.

Couple seen getting savagely attacked in video speak out

The couple, DJ and Ashley, spoke with Fox News about the horrific incident.

Ashley told Sandra Smith, “As soon as they pushed me, I told DJ…I said, ‘Hey, they just shoved me.’ And he asked them—he was like, ‘Yo, don’t shove her. Who shoved her?’ And as soon as he said that, everything went crazy…They said they were going to kill us.”

She added, “Everyone went for him, and it ended up in the middle of the street…They were jumping him in the middle of the street. It got pretty bad.”

DJ went to the hospital for various injuries, but noted that Ashley got out mostly unharmed.

Smith asked if the attack was motivated and he said it was random.

DJ said, “It was very random because all we were doing [is] we had just left Nordstrom and we were looking for somewhere to eat and we saw that group and they just thought they were tough. And they wouldn’t move out the way, just out there being stupid, young and dumb, trying to prove a point for nothing…That’s how that happened.”

This is not the first time a pack of teens robbed and vandalized the area known as the Loop.

In one of the mass looting incidents that happened on Lightfoot’s watch, she said,  “To be sure, there are people that did join in that were motivated by lots of different reasons, and certainly were motivated by social media posts encouraging people to come downtown…But the core of what happened — that’s organized criminal activity…It was a planned attack.”

But the Democrats won’t make any substantive changes to stop it.

Prosecutors funded by George Soros will continue implementing pro-crime policies that put law-abiding citizens at risk.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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