One Democrat Senator just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden’s failures in a tense hearing

Most of the time Democrats, with an assist from their media sycophants, are largely on message.

Usually, no policy failure is too great or snafu too obvious for blame and responsibility to be shifted.

But one Democrat Senator just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden’s failures in a tense hearing.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) is one of the few elected Democrats in Washington, D.C. who has maintained sanity on energy issues.

At a hearing of the Senate Energy Committee on the Department of the Interior’s budget request for fiscal year 2023, Manchin blasted the Biden administration and specifically Interior Secretary Deb Haaland for doing far too little to fix the ongoing energy crisis.

Manchin called out Biden and his administration for purposely curtailing domestic oil, natural gas, and critical minerals production.

He highlighted how the Interior Department canceled several large oil leases, and imposed a set of restrictions and costs on new oil and gas leases that dissuaded new oil and gas development altogether.

Manchin said, “We are holding this hearing during trying times. Putin’s horrific invasion of Ukraine, Russia’s weaponization of oil and gas, increasing energy and food prices worldwide, and the growing challenge of competition with China. Given the current global situation, it is essential for the United States to step up to the plate as the superpower of the world. That includes the responsible development of our abundant energy and mineral resources. Unfortunately, even as we see Russia wage a war enabled by energy insecurity in Europe, this administration has made its opposition to domestic oil and gas production crystal clear – on and off Federal lands and waters.”

The Biden administration is scheduled to hold lease sales in June, but only a small percentage of available land and at a higher royalty rate, and only because of a court order.

Citing the recent cancellation of three large offshore oil leases, Manchin said, “I’m sorry to say it has become crystal clear that the ‘pause’ is in fact a ‘ban.’”

Twisting the knife further, the Senator said, “My frustration is at an all-time high that we are talking to OPEC, Iran, and Venezuela to increase oil output while we are at the same time blocking increased energy production at home. What does it say to producers here in the United States when we consider working with the Venezuelan government, which certainly doesn’t share our values, instead of supporting domestic or North American production? Is this really in our best interest?”

Exactly right.

At a time when fuel prices are reaching record highs DAILY, this administration is stifling our ability to produce energy domestically – and prefers to do business with countries that hate us, and even failing at that.

At this point there are enough dots to connect to suspect that if this administration isn’t actively sabotaging the hopes and aspirations of everyday Americans to lead content and productive lives, at the very least it has a depraved indifference.

It’s frustrating and sad at the same time, but there is a remedy for it in November.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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