One Democrat-run state is pursuing an insane policy that will leave you speechless

Democrats have deluded themselves into believing that their absurd theories work.

It doesn’t matter how many times reality tells them otherwise.

Now one Democrat-run state is pursuing an insane policy that will leave you speechless.

California is often the testing ground for the Left’s worst ideas.

Now the Golden State is moving forward with a plan to potentially pay reparations to black Californians.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law that would explore the issue by putting together a reparations task force, and the group has come back with a report accusing California of 150 years of racism.

The authors of the report wrote, “Almost 150 years of active, conscious federal, state, and local government action and neglect of duty have resulted in compounded harms that are unique to Black Americans.”

Nobody in the deep-blue state seemingly bothered to point out that the people who didn’t take part in discrimination a century ago would have to pay people who didn’t experience it.

NBC News reported that “in a chapter dedicated to outlining how violence was used to terrorize Black Americans, the report focuses specifically on the expansion of the Ku Klux Klan in California, noting that in a 20-month period during the state’s “sizable and violent Klan resurgence” in the 1920s, California cities held more KKK meetings than Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina and Tennessee . . . As Klan activity receded nationwide during the Great Depression, it was sustained in California, and KKK activity increased in the 1940s in response to Black families’ trying to buy homes in better-resourced white communities.”

The report is insinuating that California was more racist than the deep south, which the Left constantly portrays as irredeemably racist.

But that’s a common tactic of the Left – they pick soft targets.

That’s why they call “woke” institutions racist, and label America as worse for women than countries like Sudan.

And the plan is clear: get a foot in the door in California, and take the plan national.

Kamilah Moore, chair of the task force, said, “Every state has some history of harm in the African American community . . . Reparations is a federal responsibility first and foremost . . . The report has nationwide breakdowns for each chapter to constantly remind people that even with the current California effort, this is primarily a federal responsibility.”

Democrats want national reparations even though it would bankrupt the country and make political division significantly worse.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 


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