One cultural icon is disappearing at an alarming rate everywhere in Socialist “utopias”

Democrat promises of “utopia” under their socialist rule never becomes reality.

One beloved American tradition is proving that fast.

Because one cultural icon is disappearing everywhere in Socialist “utopias” at an alarming rate.

Eating out a is thing of the past

Restaurants and watering spots help shape the culture in any community—and they’re a critical part of big cities. 

But the beloved American tradition of making shared memories, eating out or enjoying a few drinks with friends and family at treasured local pubs is disappearing in blue states.

And we can thank Democrats for destroying the heart of their communities. 

In 2020 Black Lives Matter rioters and vaccine Nazis teamed up to make surviving in the hospitality industry impossible—and the fallout is still becoming apparent. 

One saloon owner recently went on Fox News and explained how he’s experienced the difference between blue state and red state policies first hand. 

Greg Urban recently shut down his massive nightclub, Wild Greg’s Saloon, in downtown Minneapolis—a former thriving metropolis that Black Lives Matter rioters decimated.

Better off closed?

“Minneapolis is a ghost town,” Greg Urban told Fox News Digital on Monday in a phone interview. “We’re in much better shape being closed than being open. We stopped the bleeding.” 

Unlike other local business owners, Urban has two other locations in Florida and one in Texas where business is booming. 

But back in Minneapolis, hospitality businesses have been taking one loss after the next. 

Crime continues to rage unchecked across the city as leftist defund the police efforts created a war zone in blue cities across the nation. 

He says the difference between blue and red states is incredible. 

“There is crime near our Austin location, too,” Urban explained. “But when people step outside, they see cops on the street and know that somebody will be there to help them if needed.”

In Minneapolis, it’s become clear law-abiding citizens have been abandoned in favor of equipping a woke mob. 

Based on data recorded by restaurant reservation service OpenTable, the number of diners in Minneapolis is down 54% from the pre-pandemic norm.

“We haven’t turned a profit since February 2020,” Urban said of his now closed saloon. “The city has never recovered. And now there is shooting after shooting.” 

Alive and kicking in red states

No surprise, as blue states literally chase away anyone with the means to escape, business is booming in every red oasis. 

The number of people eating out in Florida has increased by an incredible 30%.

The truth is that protecting freedom is a winning strategy. 

Meanwhile, blue states are descending into chaos reminiscent of a third world country. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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