One carjacker got the shock of his life when he messed with the wrong target

Crime has skyrocketed across the country largely due to Democrat policies.

One of the consequences is that gun ownership has spiked as citizens have been forced to fend for themselves.

And one carjacker got the shock of his life when he messed with the wrong target.

Violent crime has increased across the country – the 30% increase in 2020 was the worst one-year jump in history – but it’s particularly bad in Philadelphia.

The city has twice elected George Soros-backed prosecutor Larry Krasner, who has overseen two of the deadliest years in Philadelphia history.

The year isn’t even a month old, and there have already been 90 carjackings in the city.

But one would-be carjacker got surprised when he tried to rob a pizza delivery driver.

The pizza delivery man was confronted by a gunned attacker who demanded his car, but the delivery man pulled a gun of his own and shot the carjacker multiple times.

The attacker was taken into custody and admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

The pizza delivery man had a license to carry the firearm, which clearly came in handy.

Earlier in the month, two other victims shot their attempted carjackers, proving the stupidity of gun control arguments.

“Good guy with a gun” stories happen all the time, but they don’t attract the attention of the corporate-controlled media, or they don’t become stories at all because deterrence is difficult to quantify.

Krasner has been an utter disaster as DA.

Since 2007, the last two years under Krasner have been by far the bloodiest in Philadelphia.

There were 391 murders in 2007, which is the 3rd highest tally in the 15-year span – there were 499 and 562 murders in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

And 2022 is on pace to be sandwiched in between 2020 and 2021.

Police officers and non-woke prosecutors are fed up.

After the death of a SWAT officer at the hands of a repeat offender, William McSwain, U.S attorney for the eastern district of Pennsylvania, said that “[the murder suspect] was on the street for one reason: because of District Attorney Krasner’s pro-violent defendant policies . . . Here, there was an arrest and multiple parole violations and the Krasner regime did nothing.”

More city residents will need to get armed and licensed to carry if Krasner is going to routinely put criminals back on the street.


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