One blue city literally tried to clean up the mess from far-left policies using a hose – with predictable results

Leftists have had their way in big cities across the nation over the past couple of years.

Now residents are forced to live with the mess left behind by Marxist Black Lives Matter rioters.

And one city is trying to literally clean up the mess using a hose – with predictable results.

San Francisco’s Mayor declared a state of emergency for the Tenderloin neighborhood in December, but a surface cleaning can’t possibly make up for a legacy of devastating policy decisions.

The streets are getting scrubbed down on a daily basis, but city workers know it’s an exercise in futility.

“It’s daunting to be honest, because we can clean the street and 10 minutes later it looks like we have never been there,” City employee John Mello told ABC 7.

The 12 workers working in the area pick up 75 to 100 bags of garbage every day from an area just over 25 square blocks.

And – believe it or not – the 17,000 gallons of trash they pick up off the streets every week doesn’t even include work completed by a special task force created by Mayor London Breeds’ initiative to clean up the neighborhood.

Those workers spend their days cleaning up human feces and syringes along with trash.

A local news crew caught up with one of the “cleaning ambassadors” who had already counted 27 needles in a pile of trash – and she was still working on it.

Meanwhile a man was sitting on a recliner on the sidewalk near her while a woman near him was using drugs.

“Sometimes I’ve got to go out in the street with my baby,” local mom Mary Fungula told KPIX 5. “I don’t want my baby to see that environment.”

For decades, the area was a peaceful and safe middle class neighborhood.

But now an area where homes still sell for about $707,000 is a dystopian wasteland.

“You know, there’s people, you look around, people look like zombies,” Mary Ellen Carrol, the city’s Director of Emergency management said. “They are human beings. They are someone’s son, someone’s daughter, someone’s husband, mother or father.”

Sadly, that zombie-like behavior is exactly what leftists have been encouraging through pro-crime policies, taxing the middle class into poverty, and creating an environment where it’s almost impossible to build affordable housing.

Now the city is stuck facing the reality of how the very fabric of its identity is fundamentally letting all its citizens down.

And it’s likely nothing will change going forward since inspiring the homeless people squatting on the streets to clean up and lead productive lives would smack of Republican conservatism.

Instead, taxpayers get to pay to ensure the drug addicts lining their streets have a good janitorial service while San Francisco’s children get an education in the seedy side of life on their way to school.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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