One awards show just exposed the infuriating hypocrisy of the Left

Democrats and public health officials have become tyrants in light of the pandemic.

They have instituted some of the most draconian measures witnessed in the West in recent memory.

And one awards show recently exposed the Left’s infuriating hypocrisy.

California has some of the strictest COVID procedures in the country.

People flying into Los Angeles must complete a COVID travel log or face a stiff penalty.

Indoor mask mandates are back.

But that doesn’t apply to “the specials” in politics and Hollywood.

The Emmys recently took place, and celebrities packed into an indoor facility with not a mask in sight in order to receive their television awards.

People immediately called out the absurd double standard, and Los Angeles County health officials said masks weren’t required just because.

“Additional safety modifications” is a nonsense term that means the elites can do whatever they want without consequence.

Los Angeles restaurant owner Angela Marsden found that out the hard way when she spent thousands of dollars converting her establishment into outdoor seating, but she was shut down by the city while a film crew with an identical setup was allowed to stay open.

Governor Gavin Newsom faced a recall election due in large part to his numerous instances of hypocrisy during the height of the pandemic.

Newsom got caught dining indoors twice, once at the lavish French Laundry, had his children in private school while public education was shut down, and also had his children in a maskless summer camp.

The ruling class gets to do whatever it wants, and the American people are supposed to simply take it.

There are too many politicians and celebrities to name that have flouted the strict procedures they promote.

People are noticing the hypocrisy, and they’re getting fed up.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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