Officers delivered an epic takedown in the “woke” hellscape of Portland 

Portland, Oregon has earned a reputation as one of the worst cities in the country.

But Portland city officials’ left-wing talking points can’t compete with these officers.

Because these officers just delivered an epic takedown in the “woke” hellscape of Portland.

Portland Police officers made a bone-chilling admission

City officials in Portland, Oregon have been raked over the coals for countless left-wing policy disasters like allowing Antifa to operate with near impunity in the city.

Leftist Mayor Ted Wheeler won reelection as the “moderate” candidate because he ran against a woman who called herself the “Antifa Mayor,” who split the radical vote with another candidate to her left.

During the George Floyd riots of 2020, Antifa firebombed a federal courthouse for weeks without repercussions.

Police officers in the city have been completely demoralized by Wheeler, who also serves as police commissioner.

Recently, KOIN 6 News reported that the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) compelled officers to watch a training video titled, “PPB LGBTQAI2S+ and Queer Policy – Introduction and Training.”

The local CBS outlet obtained officers’ reportedly anonymous feedback to the video.

The feedback was scathing and it’s sure to leave liberals aghast.

One officer wrote, “I will never ask anyone for their preferred pronouns. This woke agenda is insane. I guess it’s time to resign like everyone else.”

Portland officers torch police department brass’ woke training video

“Woke” has become a punchline, so much so that the Left don’t even like using it anymore.

Another officer responded, “With policies like this, we are creating a natural playground for psychopaths and other bad actors.”

This is an important point.

Leftists are implementing pro-crime policies that benefit career criminals while punishing their victims.

Politicians and their political appointees and allies heading critical local government agencies are catering to unhinged activists and criminal psychopaths.

A separate respondent wrote, “Biggest takeaway is that the people that make decisions within the police bureau are Marxist ideologues trying to destroy the bureau.”

Antifa openly talks about breaking the police department—and the city more broadly—through perpetual lawlessness and homelessness.

Another Portland officer commented, “I find the use of the house with a ‘Black Lives Matter’ poster in the window highly inappropriate and offensive. … No officer or member should be forced to accept a violent political organization’s agenda or it’s representation to prove that they care about ALL people.”

Black Lives Matter has been exposed as a Marxist organization and a scam.

Local BLM chapters have complained that they haven’t received any money from the national organization.

Even left-wing publications have caught onto the grift.

But politicians got what they needed from BLM.

If BLM’s image isn’t rehabilitated, a similar Marxist organization will spring up in its place.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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