Obama’s former Education Department Secretary praised insane lockdowns in Europe in hopes of making life here more miserable

Conservatives in blue states have new reasons to be nervous.

European countries are starting to oppress their citizens with heavy-handed restrictions you’d expect from communist regimes.

And Obama’s former Education Department Secretary praised insane lockdowns in Europe in hopes of making life here more miserable.

Austria has completely locked down anyone who refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine while France is pushing booster shots for everyone over 65 to remain eligible for a vaccine passport.

Conservatives paying attention are hoping these bad ideas don’t spread like the virus that’s given them an excuse to exist.

But one of the most prominent leftist educators in the nation is all for it.

Arne Duncan, Obama’s pick for Secretary of Education, sent out a Tweet praising the lockdowns in Austria.

Of course, Duncan is from Chicago – a city that recently announced that students will have to mask up until all schools reach 100% vaccinated status.

Duncan responded to the flak he got for praising Austria (where police contacted 15,000 people Monday alone as part of their enforcement effort) with another Tweet saying, “I look forward to the day when we Americans value the health, safety and well-being of our neighbors at least as much as we value our personal freedom.”

Survivors of Nazi Germany’s concentration camps can tell you exactly how important personal freedom is to “health, safety, and well-being.”

Or you could ask people who grew up in Soviet countries where life was defined by one supply chain crisis after another. (Sound familiar? We’re getting a taste of socialism-lite right now.)

Ironically, the party of “diversity and inclusion” is creating a secondary class of citizens they can discriminate against – and get applauded for doing it.

Of course, the left-wing media is doing its part to normalize frightening levels of government overreach.

A New York Times headline reads like a line in a press release: “Austria’s new lockdown applies only to the unvaccinated.”

Germany and Spain are also poised to weigh down their people with tougher restrictions.

But the United Kingdom is hesitating to blatantly discriminate between those who are vaccinated and those who aren’t.

A professor of health psychology at University College London, Robert West, told The New York Times Austria may get a few more people to take the vaccine, but it will come at a high cost:

“‘It’s sort of like jumping in with the nuclear option without having considered the other options,’ he said, adding that it would have been better to address the causes of vaccine skepticism among parts of the Austrian public. ‘I think this is a disaster on all fronts.’”

Hopefully, the Biden administration’s sinking poll numbers – along with public unrest – will cause blue states to hesitate before blindly following their European role models.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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