NYC school teachers infuriated parents by slamming cops and one made a downright murderous suggestion

Parents trying to raise their kids to do the right thing are losing it.

Woke teachers are doing everything they can to teach students to hate the men in blue.

And one NYC school teacher made a downright murderous suggestion.

You’d think math class would be a safe place in a world spinning out of control, but New York City parents are discovering their children’s math teachers are pushing woke propaganda on students – and one even pitched a murderous idea any mentally unstable leftist could have run with.

One NYC prep school teacher was suspended after she tweeted about “dressing up” to boycott her school’s “dress down” fundraiser to raise money for the families of two slain NYPD officers.

“If anyone was wondering, I am intentionally dressing up today. #Abolition #BLM,” Laura Lynne Duffy wrote.

Parents at the Catholic all-girls school were outraged.

“I am seriously thinking of taking my children out of the school,” one parent told the New York Post. “That was a totally insensitive remark and disrespectful to the officer, his family and every police officer that patrols the neighborhood where she works and lives.”

Duffy’s suspension comes in the wake of a firing at nearby Coney Island Prep, where an unhinged math teacher tried to incite violence with a disgusting social media post.

Christopher Flanigan posted a picture showing thousands of NYPD officers along Fifth Avenue for the funeral of slain Detective Jason Rivera.

The charter school math teacher captioned it with a cryptic statement: “5/30/20: NYPD SUV drives into a crowd of protestors. Ideal conditions for reciprocity.”

Flannigan was referring to an incident where rioters pressed a metal barricade up against an NYPD SUV while throwing bottles and traffic cones in its path.

Eventually, a second police SUV rammed into the barricade.

At the time, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said the incident was “troubling,” but he pointed out that “if those protestors would have just gotten out of the way and not created an attempt to surround that vehicle, we would not be talking about this situation.”

Flannigan’s suggestion to get “reciprocity” would no doubt amount to a deadly attack rather than a slow scuffle.

We can only guess the police didn’t seriously injure anyone since leftists would have surely capitalized on that during media appearances for years to come.

Flanigan later tried to get himself out of hot water by arguing that he was merely pointing out a security vulnerability, but the only people pretending to buy that line of garbage are pro-crime leftists.

With leftist activists like Flanigan and Duffy in the classroom, it’s no wonder only 45.6% of students in NYC are considered “proficient in math.”

Last year, one NYC high school math teacher ripped into educators for indoctrinating students in Critical Race Theory.

“My school is asking me to embrace ‘antiracism’ training and pedagogy that I believe is deeply harmful to [students].” Private school teacher Paul Rossi wrote, “I know that by attaching my name to this I’m risking not only my current job but my career as an educator, since most schools, both public and private, are now captive to this backward ideology. But witnessing the harmful impact it has on children, I can’t stay silent.”

Rather than help uplift poor, minority students by helping them excel, woke teachers unions have been pushing the idea that math is “racist.”

Their refusal to do their jobs – along with pushing pro-crime anti-police attitudes – can only lead to one inevitable outcome: more crime and more misery everywhere.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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