NYC Mayor Eric Adams has outed himself as a vegan totalitarian with this new plan

When he initially ran to be Big Apple Mayor, Eric Adam’s positioned himself as the more moderate candidate on the ballot.

But after months with him at the helm, it’s safe to say that any moderation was just an illusion.

Now NYC Mayor Eric Adams has outed himself as a vegan totalitarian with this new plan.

After a year and a half of Adams’ rule it has become clear that he’s fallen short trying to turn New York City around.

He’s doing nothing to stop the pervasive crime and homelessness.

This has become all the more apparent with the death of Jordan Neely and the political prosecution of hero ex-Marine Daniel Penny.

One aspect of his rule that hasn’t gotten as much attention is that he is all in on the radical green agenda.

Last month Adams announced that the city will place caps on the amount of meat and dairy served by city institutions such as schools and prisons.

It’s all part of a radical plan to cut New York’s food-related carbon emissions by 33 percent by 2030.

Who wants to know how much steak you eat….and why?

There is new word that New York will soon be tracking household food consumption by private citizens as part of the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice’s Greenhouse Gas Inventories.

The tracking of steak, hamburger, milk, and cheese is just for research – for now, but it’s easy to see how this could later be put to use by a leftist-run city government to create regulations for businesses and individuals that might make it harder to purchase such products.

This plan is essentially in line with AOC’s “Green New Deal” and calls to mind a future of an America where citizens can no longer drive gas-powered cars, are forced to fly less, and give up eating meat and dairy. 

In an unfortunate turn of events exacerbated by their mayor, New Yorkers now face increased crime, violent attacks on the subways, prosecutors who are uninterested in jailing criminals, and out-of-control homelessness.

All of this has reduced the livability of even Manhattan neighborhoods where middle-class residents have been priced out of housing.

“Progressive” priorities are completely out of whack

When AOC’s “Green New Deal” mentioned food alongside fossil fuels on the list of environmental extremists’ targets it wasn’t just a one-off.

In the end, this really is about completely misplaced priorities.

And the far-left ideologues at City Hall seem to be enthusiastically looking forward to more “caps” on meat and dairy at any institution they control.

What they ought to be focused on, for the good of their citizens, are the myriad of immediately pressing problems plaguing the Big Apple right now.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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