Not even the super-rich are safe from gang violence in this major west coast city

In most major cities across the nation, crime has completely overrun the streets.

It’s the worst street violence America has seen since the 1970s.

Now not even the super-rich are safe from gang violence in this major west coast city.

Over the last couple of years, crime has exploded in many major cities across the nation.

Due to radical reforms to the criminal justice system made by the far-left, criminals and gang members feel emboldened to do whatever they want to.

Even if they are caught, most of the time they are released right back into the public and they inevitably go straight back to a life of crime.

One city in particular that has seen crime skyrocket is Los Angeles, California.

And to see how bad crime has gotten, just look at the numbers.

Per data released by the Los Angeles Police Department, nonviolent property crimes are up 3.7%, violent crimes are up 6.2%, robbery is up 5.2% and most shockingly, homicide is up 13% since 2020 and 52.2% since 2019.

As you can see, crime is up drastically across the board.

However, the latest crime trend in LA is even more terrifying than these statistics.

In many upscale shopping areas and neighborhoods, gangs are following people who are driving nice cars and tracking them down.

Once the presumably wealthy person leaves their car, gang members jump the person, stripping them of all of their valuables.

Just look at what happened to these people.

According to LAPD data, 165 of these types of robberies occurred last year, and so far this year, 56 of these brazen robberies have already occurred.

And to the dismay of law enforcement, many of the gang members and thugs who commit these crimes are repeat offenders.

Per the LAPD, “In some cases, police say, suspects have been arrested but then released from custody, only to commit additional robberies.”

These crimes are an excellent example of why the far-left’s pro-crime policies do not work.

No matter how many times these thugs get slapped on the wrist, they go straight to committing crimes as soon as they let go.

It will not be long before all of the wealth, and in turn job creation, high tails it out of Los Angeles, and then the far-left will no longer have anybody’s money to steal to pay for their ridiculous and expensive social justice projects.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any update to this ongoing story.


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