Newsom family scandal: Governor’s wife was caught reportedly bilking California taxpayers with one disgusting scheme

Gavin Newsom’s first marriage blew up amid scandal with the woman who went on to become Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancée.

But in the following years it seemed the California Governor had finally built the perfect political family.

Now, a Newsom family scandal just blew up—and his wife was caught reportedly bilking California taxpayers with one disgusting scheme.

Gavin Newsom has 1.4 million reasons to be all for the radical left’s “gender identity” hysteria.

Last month Gavin Newsom’s wife made headlines for all the wrong reasons when it came to light that her non-profit charity – The Representation Project, which supposedly fights for “gender justice” – has allegedly been operating illegally in the state for nearly a year after failing to meet state compliance requirements.

This isn’t the first time Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s financial dealings have come under scrutiny.

Back in 2021 there was an outcry after it was discovered that companies lobbying the California state government in recent years also donated more than $800,000 to The Representation Project.

Siebel Newsom has pulled $2.3 million in salary from the non-profit since it was launched in 2011.

But that isn’t the end of the story.

Newsom’s “Girls Club”

It turns out California’s First Lady also has a for-profit side business called Girls Club Entertainment.

Since launching in 2012 that company has pulled in as much as $1,483,001 charging public school districts screening licenses to watch “gender identity” films.

Considering that her husband has held the office of either Lieutenant Governor or Governor since January 2011, Siebel Newsom’s business ventures—both taking cash from lobbyists and taxpayers—are clear conflicts of interest.

Governor Newsom even makes an appearance in two of the four videos produced by Girls Club Entertainment and apparently distributed through his wife’s non-profit.

“According to The Representation Project’s Impact Report (2011-2021), the organization’s film curricula are being used in over 5,000 schools in all fifty states. The Representation Project claims over 11,200 copies of the curricula have been distributed, reaching more than 2.6 million students,” watchdog group Open the Books revealed.

It’s not merely a cash cow for California’s first family, the videos are also a wholesale leftist indoctrination program for the aspiring presidential candidate’s pet political agenda.

“Newsom’s films and curricula are saturated with images lifted directly from pornographic websites, their URLs visible onscreen,” Open the Books founder Adam Andrzejewski explained. “Minors are exposed to social commentaries about privilege and oppression, and one commentator says Americans need to ‘express shame and sorrow about who we are and what we’ve done’ as a society.”

“When paired with calls to organize and spread the films more widely, it’s clear that Siebel Newsom seeks to activate students politically and in accordance with some radical ideologies about gender, identity, race and privilege,” Andrzejewski added.

The Newsoms are certainly a power couple in most senses of the word, but they are walking on thin ice with practices that appear to clearly cross ethical boundaries and test exactly how far they can go when it comes to violating the law as well.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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