New York’s Mayor is taunting Ron DeSantis with one crazy “woke” campaign

Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams is trolling Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Apparently, the leftist Mayor is jealous of all the attention the Sunshine State is getting.

And he’s taunting DeSantis with one crazy “woke” campaign.

New York’s leftist Mayor is launching an advertising campaign on digital billboards all across Florida mocking a new law prohibiting teachers from indoctrinating young children (age 5-9) with LGBT propaganda.

Adams says the bill, which was signed into law recently is “the latest shameful, extremist culture war targeting the LGBTQ+ community.”

Now he’s trying to use it as a springboard for recruiting new residents to the Big Apple.

“Come to a city where you can say and be whoever you want,” Adams said. “Today, we say to the families living in fear of this state-sponsored discrimination that you will always have a home in New York City.”

DeSantis’ Press Secretary was quick to point out that if Adams can attract left-leading Floridians to his “crime-ridden dystopia” the Sunshine State will be better off for it.

While Adams’ campaign is calculated to get him all kinds of warm and fuzzy leftist attention, it also smells a lot like desperation.

It’s safe to assume that getting trapped inside some of the smallest – and most expensive – apartments in America wasn’t exactly a fun time in 2020 and 2021.

Which may explain why New Yorkers have been pouring out of the “crime-ridden dystopia” and making a dash for Florida’s beautiful beaches where American freedom still exists.

In 2021, Manhattan lost 6.9% of its population – the biggest drop seen in any major US county last year.

Census data shows the New York Metro area had the greatest number of people flee for greener pastures.

More than 385,000 people moved out of New York, Newark, and Jersey City.

That’s about twice as many as left California’s Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Anaheim.

Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx were also in the top ten counties losing residents in 2021 along with New Jersey’s Hudson County.

No doubt, Eric Adams is hoping he can find plenty of leftists with deep pockets willing to move their families back to New York City where they can hand over wads of cash to him in taxes.

The combined New York State and New York City maximum income tax rate is the highest in the nation at 14.776%.

Meanwhile, Florida is one of nine states in the nation with no individual income tax.

All things considered, those billboards will have to be extremely compelling to convince even committed leftists to give up a huge chunk of their income to get out from under Ron DeSantis’ influence.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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