New Yorkers are scratching their heads after this grocery store crackdown launched

There is nothing liberals like more than regulating the living hell out of everything. The more rules the better.

Rather than allowing individuals to make decisions for themselves, the Left believes government should be involved in every aspect of life.

But even New Yorkers are scratching their heads after this grocery store crackdown.

There is nothing liberals hate more than individual liberty

To the radical Left, the solution to any problem is more government and more government regulation.

Individuals are not capable of making important decisions in their eyes, which has created a complicated web of oversight and regulation, especially in liberal parts of the nation.

A prime example is the ridiculous new law New York just passed which regulates the hell out of a common grocery item.

A law that was passed in Albany last fall recently took effect and bans the sale of canned whipped cream to anybody under the age of 21.

This law was designed to stop minors from using a chemical in canned whip cream, nitrous oxide, which gives users a brief sense of euphoria.

However, this quick buzz comes at a very high cost. Nitrous oxide can cause blood pressure to rise, memory loss, and even death.

The law itself says that local shops caught selling canned whipped cream to those under 21 will be charged a $250 fine. Subsequent violations may incur fines of up to $500.

New York may have finally outdone itself when it comes to ridiculous overregulation.

This bill will almost certainly do nothing to curb the use of this harmful drug, especially given the specific nature of the law.

All this law will do will make the lives of average grocery shoppers that much more obnoxious.

The next time you go to buy supplies for your next ice cream social, be prepared to have your ID ready.

What New York should have done instead of passing this ridiculous law

This law banning the sale of canned whipped cream to minors is just flat-out ridiculous, there is no other way to say it.

Instead of urging parents to do their freakin job, New York can’t resist being an all-out nanny state.

This is very typical for the Left, instead of asking people to take even an ounce of responsibility, they rely on the government to make all of the hard decisions.

Much like other regulated products such as marijuana, alcohol and tobacco, minors will mind a way to easily access them one way or another.

Average consumers are the ones who are burdened by this bill, and at the end of the day it was likely only passed to try and prove that they are doing something about the issue at hand, even if what they are doing is incredibly stupid.

Almost certainly, things will get much worse on the nitrous oxide front, which is usually what happens when the government steps in and tries to intervene.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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