New Yorkers are livid over this stunningly violent crime caught on video – and what it’s costing them

Crime has been allowed to spiral out of control.

Few citizens realize all the ways they’ll pay enormous costs for violent crimes they had no part of.

But New Yorkers are livid over this stunningly violent crime caught on video – and what it’s costing them.

Politicians all over refuse to take the necessary steps to prioritize public safety.

Back to the ‘70s in NYC

But Democrat-run cities like New York are descending into chaos at breakneck speed as pro-crime policies are turning back the clock in New York City to the 1970s and ‘80s when it was unsafe to ride the train or walk through Central Park or simply walk anywhere.

Ever since the 2020 riots, shoplifting has increased exponentially in Democrat-run cities.

The criminals have gotten so brazen, they fill up shopping carts and stroll out of the store.

One manager at a Family Dollar in the Bronx got fed up with the disrespectful thievery, so she confronted the attackers.

And sadly, she was savagely beaten and choked for her troubles.

The New York Post reported that “a duo trying to steal merchandise from a Bronx dollar store was caught on video putting a 23-year-old female worker in a chokehold last week — the third violent robbery at the shop in less than a year…The worker said she was watching the whole incident unfold on a security camera and thought that the thieves would have gotten away with about $400 worth of goods if she didn’t intervene.”

Leftists who make excuses for this kind of criminality argue that looting is a form of reparations, or that insurance will cover the losses.

The first argument is insane and doesn’t deserve a response other than to reiterate that the Communists who believe that cannot be reasoned with.

The insurance argument ignores the fact that excessive theft leads to higher insurance premiums, and those costs get passed onto consumers.

Crime raises costs for those who can least afford it

That’s one of the reasons why residents of lower-income neighborhoods end up paying more for goods and services.

When the costs become too great, the stores shut down, which takes jobs out of the community, and forces people to travel farther distances for those goods and services.

The Family Dollar manager said, “I was physically assaulted in front of people, and I had to defend myself in front of kids…I was scared to come back to work because they might know me…They can hurt me — I still work here…They had cleaning stuff, tissues, everything. They had everything from inside the store.”

In blue areas where the Democrat and Soros-backed district attorneys refuse to prosecute these property crimes, the police cannot do much to stem the tide.

Meanwhile, many stores’ lawyers and corporate honchos have instructed store security guards to stand down and allow theft to happen.

Paying for what?

So stores are paying security guards for almost nothing.

The manager added, “We need some more security, and we need the strongest ones because this is getting worse…The area is not good. We have a lot of [homeless] shelters here, and it’s the shelter people come in here [from] and steal stuff.”

Of course, the upper middle-class and rich leftists in the city are generally insulated from the ramifications of their own ideology.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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