New York thugs never saw this do-gooder citizen coming

Democrat-run cities are quickly deteriorating.

The politicians are doing little to stop the problem of lawlessness as bands of thugs terrorize citizens.

But one group of NYC thugs never saw this do-gooder citizen coming.

Citizen sick of Soros and the Democrats’ lawless regime

New York City is being ruined by crime.

The crime-ridden days of the 1970s and 1980s are making a comeback thanks to the Democrats that have been in control.

Property crimes have been particularly bad; thieves brazenly walk out of stores with shopping carts full of stolen items.

But violent crime is up, too.

But one citizen fed up with New York City’s crime surge brought on by leftist financier George Soros and the Democrats’ lawless prosecutors and pro-crime policies just did a brave thing.

The Good Samaritan was sick of a motorbike robbery gang terrorizing the neighborhood.

The New York Post reported that a gun-toting robbery gang on wheels was causing havoc in Upper Manhattan last weekend, striking at least four times before a kind stranger ultimately took their weapon away in the midst of an attack on one resident.

The brutal attempted mugging was just one in a spate of recent crimes said to have been committed by two suspects riding a small, black motorcycle without a license plate but with unmistakable white markings. They were also involved in an attempted heist that occurred a short while earlier that day at the Guggenheim Museum, according to police sources The Post said. 

But the two suspects on the ride got a surprise after they attacked their next victim. 

That’s when the Good Samaritan stepped in and tried to get the gun one of the muggers was wielding.  The citizen crime stopper suffered a blow to the head, yet he was still able to snatch the gun away.

“It was like something you see out of a movie. How are they going to try to rob someone in broad daylight?” a witness told The Post.

These types of brazen attacks are the result of pro-crime policies, leftist district attorneys who refuse to prosecute cases, cashless bail that allows repeat offenders back out on the street, and the demonization of police officers.

Attacks rooted in lawless leftist policies

The only people who win in these “blue utopias” are the criminals and the radical activists and politicians.

NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig explained, “It’s very tough. They’ve hit so many times. It’s like they hit five, six, seven times in a day…They’re just scooting all over and they’re in and out of traffic and they’re flying all over. It’s tough to follow.”

Rising crime is one of the reasons why blue states like New York and California are losing residents to red states.

Only time will tell if more people finally get fed up like this Good Samaritan.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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