New York Democrats got blindsided by a court fight they never saw coming

Democrat political machines everywhere run on identity politics and dream of forcing everyone into urban metropolises where they can fully dominate citizens.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in giant hell-holes like New York City.

But NYC Democrats’ political machine could be ruined after they got blindsided by this court fight they never saw coming.

Black New Yorkers ready to fight

Black Americans who live in the Big Apple have decided it’s time to fight back against NYC Democrat machine politicians trying to disenfranchise them.

These days, any perceived slight, real or imagined, against groups of people typically thought to be generally sympathetic to left-wing causes is amplified ad nauseam by the corporate-controlled Big Media bosses.

But all the concern is completely muted when highlighting it could damage Democrats.

So you won’t hear about this group of black New Yorkers who are fighting back against the Big Apple Democrats trying to disenfranchise them.

Last month, Democrats on the 51-member New York City Council approved a plan allowing more than 800,000 foreign nationals with green cards, visas, and work permits to vote in citywide elections.

A group of black Americans represented by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) has filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the law.

They allege that it violates the 15th Amendment and the Voting Rights Act.

The lawsuit alleges that racial discrimination is behind the New York City law as it would dilute the votes of black Americans by adding hundreds of thousands of hispanic and asian immigrants to the voting rolls.

The lawsuit states, “It was the explicit intent of the Law’s sponsors to increase the voting strength of certain racial subgroups while simultaneously decreasing the voting strength of other racial subgroups. An election law enacted with any racial intent or purpose is unconstitutional under the Fifteenth Amendment and Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. According to data from the 2020 American Community Survey of the United States Census, there are approximately 1,300,000 foreign nationals residing in Bronx, Kings, New York and Queens Counties. The addition of approximately one million foreign-citizen voters could potentially make up almost 20 percent or more of the electorate in future New York City elections. This is greater than the margin of victory in many municipal elections.”

Democrat Council member allegedly had racial purpose

In addition, the suit further claims that a Democrat former Council member Ydanis Rodriguez “consistently” advocated for the law with an explicit racial purpose saying, “Throughout the September 20, 2021, New York City Council public hearing, Council Member Rodriguez spoke in favor of the Bill in racial terms and many of his statements referred to the race of the foreign citizens who would be granted municipal voting rights.”

The New York Supreme Court struck down the law in June after the state’s Republican Party filed suit, saying, “it is clear that voting is a right granted to citizens of the United States.”

This is the third lawsuit brought forth to challenge the law but the first that asks the federal courts to intervene in blocking it from being implemented.

Could it be that the standard operating procedure of cynically tripping over the law to purposely pit one racial group against another is finally catching up with the Democrats?

Here’s to hoping.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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