Nevada ballots found in the shadows after officials scrambled to explain one mishap

With the balance of power in Washington, DC coming down to a few hotly contested races, all eyes have been on keeping tabulators honest.

But one fishy incident caused all hell to break loose.

And Nevada officials scrambled to explain one mishap after ballots ended up coming out of the shadows.

When cameras on the vote counting went dark in one Nevada county citizens immediately raised the alarm.

Cameras on vote counting cameras went dark in one Nevada county and officials are scrambling to explain why

Nevada’s second most populous county—home to both Reno and Sparks—had a livestream inside a vote counting room go dark the night after the election.

Washoe County issued a statement on Twitter on Thursday at noon.

“We know that our election livestream cameras went dark overnight,” a tweet stated. “We investigated what happened and how to prevent it happening again.”

That post’s comment section was almost immediately set on fire.

“Weird how drawn out counts, technical glitches, streams going dark, only ever happen in battleground states every election,” Twitter user @DocJeremmanuel wrote with a couple of thinking emojis. “The states that can’t give results on Election Day keep having suspicious activities during close races… We know you’re cheating.”

Others piled on his comment with one pointing out the likelihood of them all getting labeled “election deniers” shortly.

“So true … the darkness prevails in the battleground states where winning is the only thing,” @cindy_malison tweeted. “And the sad [thing] is, if you question anything about the suspicious activity you are labeled an election denier and put on the tinfoil hat squad.”

The county insists that the vote counting office was closed for the evening and all employees had already left for the night.

In fact, whether the room was truly unoccupied became so controversial, the county released security video showing entrances to the doors of the room.

But with the stakes over control of the US Senate as high as possible—and less than a percentage point spread at times between Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto and Adam Laxalt—many people still remained skeptical of the apparent security breach.

Now that the corporate-controlled media has called the race for Masto, that skepticism likely isn’t going to subside.

The county reports it did pull staff badge reports to ensure no county employees accessed the building while it was closed overnight.

“Washoe County has been at the forefront of trying to innovate election transparency, but we have moved from an election night to a much longer election timeframe,” the county wrote on a webpage dedicated to the incident. “The technology we are using to provide this livestream cannot keep up with these demands. We suggest enhancing transparency with security cameras rather than courtesy livestream cameras in future elections.”

Based on the drama surrounding recent elections, Republicans aren’t impressed with being informed that the cameras are a mere “courtesy” and they sure aren’t likely to buy getting shut out of the process entirely next time.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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