NBC News guest left parents furious after he lied straight to their faces on network tv

It has now been almost three years since the COVID pandemic first hit the scene in 2020.

Thankfully, the virus is now far more mild than when it first proliferated around the world, yet the Left is still in an all-out panic mode.

And this NBC News guest left parents furious after he lied straight to their faces on network tv.

Democrats are rejecting science when it comes to COVID

One of the most concerning things that happened during the COVID pandemic was the shuttering of schools for over a year in some places.

It is widely known that COVID poses a very low threat to children, yet the Left is hell-bent on making them suffer either way.

Masking children is a prime example of a useless task that only goes to harm kids in the long run.

Despite this many on the Left are still determined to mask every child in America.

Masks are coming back

One such liberal is Philadelphia School District Superintendent Tony Watlington Sr, who recently announced that Philadelphia area schools will be going back to masking.

Watlington went on Tuesday’s edition of NBC’s “Morning News Now,” where he was asked by co-host Savannah Sellers, “[I]s there any concern with just student’s ability to learn with those masks on?”

To which he replied “we don’t think that learning will stop or that students will be inherently prohibited from learning.”

What a load of complete and utter nonsense.

The truth is, most Democrats like Watlington are only perpetuating this insanity for selfish reasons.

For the Left, the more “COVID savvy” you appear, the more status you have in liberal circles.

Virtue signaling is an integral part of the Left’s ideology, and it has created a contest amongst Democrats to perpetuate COVID as long as possible and see who can come up with the most restrictive restrictions.

The pandemic will only end when people stop tolerating the Democrats’ nonsense

When it comes to COVID restrictions, Americans must send a clear message to policymakers that enough is enough especially when it comes to their children.

Children have already suffered enough from the wasteful and useless COVID lockdowns and measures.

Many experts believe that the damage done to their development as a result of these lockdowns will have severe long-term ramifications.

Until enough people do this, Democrats will keep scheming up new and creative ways to take people’s freedoms away in the name of science and safety.

At some point, people must be given the ability to make health decisions for themselves without government officials and their sycophants hounding them to get vaccines that may or may not be good for them.

Enough is enough, people must stand up to the Left and say deal with it.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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