Nancy Pelosi’s voice failed when she heard this major business’ latest announcement

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has more than achieved her “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” during her time in Congress.

Now, the Democrat former House Speaker has just gotten bad news linked to one of her most humiliating political stunts ever.

And Nancy Pelosi’s voice failed when she heard this major business’ latest announcement.

Radicals have steered the Democrat Party and the rest of the country toward the abyss.

The speed of the descent went into overdrive in 2020 between pandemic hysteria and the left-wing mobs destroying city after city fueled by Democrat political stunts like then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi leading her caucus in a nauseating display of virtue-signaling after the death of George Floyd.

Now blue strongholds like San Francisco are going down the drain thanks to pro-crime policies that have wrecked the city.

The lawlessness and homelessness have killed businesses, and another company is folding up shop in the city.

And this time, it may just offend Pelosi’s high-end tastes.

Pelosi’s blue “utopia” just lost another major business

This time high-end department store Nordstrom and boutique retailer Nordstrom Rack are throwing in the towel on San Francisco.

In a memo to employees, executive Jamie Nordstrom revealed that the two locations would be gone by July 1st.

Nordstrom wrote, “We’ve spent more than 35 years serving customers in downtown San Francisco, building relationships with them and investing in the local community…But as many of you know, the dynamics of the downtown San Francisco market have changed dramatically over the past several years, impacting customer foot traffic to our stores and our ability to operate successfully.”

The “dynamics” include out-of-control crime, homelessness, and fewer consumers because of telework. 

A spokesperson for Westfield Mall lamented, “A growing number of retailers and businesses are leaving the area due to the unsafe conditions for customers, retailers, and employees, coupled with the fact that these significant issues are preventing an economic recovery of the area…[The mall] has actively engaged with city leaders for many years to express our serious concerns, which are shared by our customers and retailers. We have urged the city to find solutions to the key issues and lack of enforcement again.”

City officials have talked a good game, but they haven’t done anything.

George Soros-funded District Attorney Chesa Boudin was recalled, but the underlying conditions have not been addressed.

After mass looting of high-end stores, Mayor London Breed barked, “It is time for the reign of criminals who are destroying our city—it is time for it to come to an end. And it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policies, and less tolerant of all the bullsh*t that has destroyed our city.”

But not much has been done.

Prop 47 still allows shoplifters to steal with near impunity so long as the theft is under $950, and the police have been completely demoralized.

Also, a dent has not been made in homelessness rates.

Until California Democrats get serious, these problems will continue to crop up.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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