Nancy Pelosi’s son got caught red-handed in an ugly bribery case – and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

Apparently, Nancy Pelosi’s son has a knack for finding the sketchiest business deals.

A long paper trail has connected him with all kinds of fraudsters and criminals.

And now there’s proof he was involved in a nasty bribery case that humiliated Speaker Pelosi.

Rather than pursuing a “life of service” bilking taxpayers like his mom, Paul Pelosi Jr. prefers to work with criminals more directly.

The younger Pelosi, who is California governor Gavin Newsom’s cousin, has a knack for picking the absolute worst business partners.

In fact, the Daily Mail has been chasing down a mile-long paper trail and managed to link the 52-year-old to five different companies under investigation by the federal government.

His misadventures include sitting on the board of a biofuel company that defrauded investors and had its CEO convicted of bribing officials in Georgia.

He was also President of an “environmental investment” fund that was really a front for two convicted fraudsters.

On top of that, he joined one company as Vice President after it was investigated for making scam calls to senior citizens and worked for another company accused of testing out drugs on people without the FDA’s permission.

No doubt, his life on the seedy side of the business world has paid off.

One source told Daily Mail that as recently as 2016 the politician’s son got $2.8 million in shares from a huge fraud operation.

He’s claimed that unsavory types gravitate to him because of his association with a politically powerful family, but it seems incredible he’s still so naive half a century after he was born.

No doubt he’s trying to follow in the footsteps of his parents who have magically amassed a net worth around $100 million to $120 million.

But a new “smoking gun” document could finally land the “‘rising prince’ of the Pelosi political dynasty” in all kinds of trouble.

It turns out Pelosi signed statements saying he was, “the property owner, ‘the party legally and financially responsible for this proposed construction activity’ and agreed to ‘abide by all applicable laws and requirements that govern Owner-Builders as well as employers’” of a San Francisco “house” at the center of a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) case.

Now he’s accused of bribing a San Francisco official to cover up how the property was being used as a “flop house” – a squalid place called “The Pit.”

Pictures from Mission Local in San Francisco show the decrepit condition of the “hotel” with ceiling material hanging down, missing drywall, and half-blocked doorways.

In one picture, pans of what looks like urine are shown with the liquid spilled all over the floor – one of the floors reportedly caved in after that picture was taken.

Locally, The Pit is known as a place where drug deals go down and has the overall feel of old tenements that have been illegal in the United States for many decades.

While a “flop house” is typically known as a questionable cheap place to land for a night, at least one person at The Pit said he’s been in residence for 46 years.

The Daily Mail managed to get a copy of a report from back in 2019 where Pelosi admitted he was “helping remove the citations from the property.”

The criminal complaint includes messages discussing a $1,000 donation to an official’s rugby club in exchange for making the legal problems go away.

Supposedly, a $1,500 check was sent to the club, but it was never deposited.

So why, after all the years of hanging out with criminals, but always dodging trouble himself, was Pelosi finally caught red-handed?

Two factors may have come into play: his failed love life and Donald Trump.

One of Pelosi’s ex-girlfriends apparently had some sort of ownership of “The Pit” at some point.

When FBI agents found another of his ex-girlfriends to question about the property – she parted with the information without a fight.

And it’s noteworthy those agents showed up asking questions when Donald Trump was still in office.

It seems draining the Swamp isn’t something that can be accomplished in Washington, D.C. alone.

There’s plenty of murky water in California.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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