Nancy Pelosi’s jaw hit the floor after James Comer drops this bombshell

One of the most important functions of Congress is to investigate and hold government officials (among others accountable).

This also applies to the President and the First family, who are facing tremendous pressure from the Republican-controlled House.

But, Nancy Pelosi’s jaw hit the floor after James Comer dropped this bombshell.

The walls are closing in on Joe Biden and his family, but not without a fight

Since House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his fellow Republicans took power last January, investigating Joe Biden and his family has been their top priority.

And, over the last several months or so, House Republicans have made significant discoveries, which seem to indicate that Joe Biden and his family peddled influence to a number of foreign players.

Predictably, the Joe Biden administration has done everything in its power to prevent these investigations.

Last Sunday, House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer of Kentucky went on Fox News Channel’s broadcast of “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss the extreme and unprecedented lengths the White House has gone to protect themselves.

Per Rep. Comer, “I have been saying for months, Maria, that we are facing obstruction like has never been demonstrated in the history of congressional investigations. Not only are we being obstructed by the Biden legal team. We’re being obstructed by the Department of Justice. We’re being obstructed by the FBI, by the Secret Service, by the IRS, by the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee.”

He added, “We have produced — with every subpoena we have issued, we have produced more new damaging evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s influence-peddling schemes. And we believe the next bank records that we’re going to subpoena will tell a whole lot bigger story about how involved Joe Biden was in this Biden influence peddling scheme or Biden corruption.”

In a nutshell, Rep. James Comer is indicating that Joe Biden and his administration are utilizing banks and other services to shield themselves and their allies.

No other Congress, according to Rep. Comer, has faced such significant obstruction. And these claims show the deep-rooted rot that exists in the Democrat-controlled city of Washington D.C. among others.

Joe Biden is terrified about the ramifications of Comer’s investigations

If the allegations presented by Rep. James Comer and others are true, then it reveals deep-rooted corruption within American political systems.

The fact that the President can manipulate baking institutions, and other record-keeping sources to cover his tracks is eye-opening, to say the least.

Further investigation will reveal the true extent of Biden’s corruption, however with the 2024 elections looming, many experts believe these investigations will become more heated and significant.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates on this ongoing story.


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