Nancy Pelosi’s cohorts just made life a living hell for this couple

Blue State witches live to rain on others’ parades.

These Karens usually have jobs in government.

And this couple just learned what a living hell Nancy Pelosi’s ilk can make their lives.

At this point, living in a major city is nothing more than an expensive headache, at best. 

Taxes, regulations and constant fees make life extremely difficult and burdensome. 

To make matters worse, most major cities these days are overloaded with crime, homelessness, and drug abuse so even leaving your house is a life or death situation. 

A prime example is the city of San Francisco. 

One of the worst parts about living in a city like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) home district of San Francisco is the confusing and burdensome parking regulations she and her government crony ilk put on regular people. 

Whether it is street cleaning restrictions, no parking zones, etc., on top of all of the fees, fines, and extra taxes, living in a city is no luxury. 

To the far-Left limousine liberals in San Francisco like Pelosi that’s no big deal.

But her pals in the Golden Gate City’s government just did the unthinkable to a home-owning couple who were simply parking in their own driveway. 

After decades of far-Left control, the once picturesque city has turned into a hellhole. 

Stores are ransacked on a daily basis due to theft being decriminalized, heroin needles litter the streets, and homeless people are emboldened to set up camps wherever the hell they want. 

To make matters worse, the far-Left extremists who are running their home city into the ground are on a full-out crusade to make life even more miserable for the few people who actually obey the laws and pay their taxes. 

For proof, just look at what happened to a couple who lives in downtown San Francisco the other day. 

San Francisco ABC affiliate WBRZ 2 reported that after parking in the same exact spot for almost four decades, the geniuses who work for the city of San Francisco fined Judy and Ed Craine nearly $1,600 for parking in their own driveway. 

The fine is a result of a new ordinance passed that forbids residents from parking in a paved parking space – or what most people would call a small driveway – in their own home’s front yard. 

Naturally, the couple did not appreciate this whopping fine, but were told that if they could find proof of historical use of that spot the fines would be dropped. 

However, after dredging up an old photo of them posing next to their car in that spot, the city claimed that it wasn’t good enough.  

They even went into the city archives to find a picture of a horse and buggy parked in the spot, and still, the city would not budge. 

Eventually, the fines were dropped after they stopped parking in the spot, but this situation is a prime example of government overreach gone amuck. 

No wonder people are leaving the Bay Area in droves.  Who in their right minds would want to deal with this insanely complicated web of bureaucracy.

Perhaps if this couple was homeless and set up a tent in this spot, then the city would not bother them one bit.  

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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