Nancy Pelosi is sputtering for answers after this “woke” D.A. faces backlash

Although the riots of 2020 were some three years ago, out of control crime still plagues most communities across the nation.

Oakland, California in particular has seen a catastrophic collapse that has citizens fearing for their lives. 

And now Nancy Pelosi is sputtering for answers after this “woke” D.A. faces backlash.

Radical far-left D.A.’s have turned California into a wasteland

All across the nation, law-abiding citizens fear for their lives as career criminals rule the streets. 

These criminals are emboldened by extreme, far-left prosecutors, who often refuse to uphold the law in the name of “social justice.”

One of the most pro-crime D.A.’s in the nation looks like Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price, who holds jurisdiction over Oakland, among other San Francisco Bay-Area communities. 

Since taking office, Oakland has seen a massive surge in crime, causing widespread outrage. 

Just the other day, concerned citizens held a “Neighbors Together Oakland” rally, intended to show solidarity against rising crime. 

Former Oakland city councilmember Loren Taylor spoke to CBS news about the rally, saying, “This event is community members – neighbors – coming together acknowledging that their voices have not been heard.”

Taylor added, “People are afraid to leave their homes, go downtown. We’ve got other challenges – everything from the rising homelessness to blight – and there’s a sense that it’s just ‘business as usual’ by elected officials.”

Instead of taking these concerns seriously, D.A. Pamela Price has dismissed them as racist and bigoted. 

When asked to address concerns over her job performance, Price claimed “That’s racism. I’m calling it for what it is.” 

She added, “If you believe the media hype, I went from a well-respected lawyer and businesswoman with 40 years of experience in this community to a bumbling, incompetent idiot who knew nothing about the law or the criminal justice system.”

However, Price failed to describe any particular examples of racism aside from the general criticisms over her job performance she has faced. 

Pamela Price supports criminals more than she supports law-abiding citizens

 The fact that Pamela Price cannot take criticism without immediately blaming it on alleged racism proves that she is not prepared for public office. 

But while Price attacks her critics, according to police data, carjacking and robberies have gone up under her watch. 

People like Pamela Price seem more interested in allowing career criminals to roam the streets than they are in protecting law-abiding citizens. 

Whether it is Pamela Price in Oakland, or Alvin Bragg in New York City, extreme, far-left D.A.’s are making life unlivable for millions of law-abiding Americans.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story 


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