Mothers in John Fetterman’s state just got the shock of their lives

Toying around with socialist public assistance programs has been Democrats’ bread and butter for decades.

They’re taking them completely off the rails as hard-left radicals have gained more and more control.

And now some mothers in John Fetterman’s state just got the shock of their lives.

Conservatives warned of the “slippery slope,” and now the country is hurtling off a cliff.

The concept that people can change their sexes has been adopted by the Left, and now left-wing activists are jamming that idea down people’s throats.

“Nonbinary” babies

It’s gotten to the point where social workers are asking whether or not newborn babies are “gender nonbinary.”

An investigation by The Washington Free Beacon uncovered that women seeking public assistance in Pennsylvania are being asked their babies’ gender.



No newborn baby can express its gender.

Mothers who have been brainwashed by a radical political movement are choosing to raise their children as “nonbinary” for ridiculous reasons.

Others may perceive a wink and a nod suggesting they’ll get larger benefits as activists try to show growing numbers of citizens identifying as neither male or female.

One Pennsylvania social worker revealed, “I have to ask clients, ‘Is your 10-day-old male, female, or nonbinary?’”

Conservatives and non-woke liberals laughed at the gender activists, but now their radical worldview is being codified into law across the country.

Not even red states are immune from the handiwork of left-wing activists in administrative roles, the courts, and the medical profession.

In response to queries from The Free Beacon, Ali Fogarty, comms director for the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, responded, “This is a field for data collection…There is no directive or expectation that parents be verbally or explicitly asked if their children are nonbinary.”

But the fact that the category even exists is an example of how the Left nudge people in their direction.

They flood all of society with their ideas so they become normalized.

Instead of laughing away the notion of a ten-day-old baby being gender nonbinary, it is listed as an option on official public documents.

States are also allowing people to alter their original birth certificates to modify their birth sex.

The Pennsylvania social worker continued, “These questions plant the seed in parents,” adding that kids who identify as nonbinary are being “legitimized” at a young age.

Hardcore leftists are running a massive social experiment in opposition to the available scientific data, and they’re labeling their ideological opponents as “anti-science.”

These are the people in control of the Democratic Party.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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