Most towns in this blue state are now run by Republicans – could a shift be on the horizon?

Can another blue state flip red?

Look at local election results from this state and you’ll see a sea of red with some patches of blue.

And one leading Democrat in the state warns that it’s time for the party to wake up before it implodes.

Republican Mayors now control 102 of 169 cities and towns in Connecticut.

While it’s common for Republicans to do well in rural areas throughout Connecticut, Joe Biden had better keep his eye on a state that’s looking more purple all the time.

“The thing you want to take a look at is what happened to Terry McAuliffe in Virginia and what’s happening in New Jersey,” former state Democrat Chairman Droney told the Hartford Courant.

“The people are not buying the extreme left-wing Democratic message. Period. If the Democratic Party wants to be winners in the next election, they’ve got to move more toward the center, where most of the people are — both independent and Democratic. They’re looking for some moderate, centrist leadership. The left wing, led by AOC and other people like that, are just going to drive the Democratic Party into the sea.”

Of course, some Democrats prefer to live in denial.

“It’s a different electorate,” Connecticut’s Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff told the Stamford Advocate.

As the paper put it, he was “cautioning against drawing any conclusions about what Tuesday’s election might mean for next year.”

Someone might need to caution him about claiming a different electorate vote when there are races Democrats actually care about.

That could prompt all kinds of “conclusion drawing.”

Being blue is a big deal in Connecticut, which is one of only three states that remained “true blue” with a Democrat in the top spot as Governor and a Congressional delegation made up entirely of Democrats when the Obama administration faced midterm backlash in 2014.

But government overreach is pushing traditional blue-collar Democrats across the nation past their breaking point.

Connecticut Republican Chair Ben Proto said, “Folks are feeling the brunt of the mismanagement of the country and the economy from the Biden administration and the Democrats in Washington and Hartford. At the end of the day, people are just tired of it.”

Lately, Republicans picked up several seats that have been traditionally held by Democrats.

The question now is whether Republicans will be able to build on their success this year or if Democrats will reverse course quickly enough to woo back their disgruntled party members.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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