Minneapolis schools’ math scores crash but administrators care more about one crazy policy

When a public school district sees performance drop you would think that those in charge would be most concerned with fixing the problem.

But not in Minneapolis and not in 2022.

These Minneapolis schools’ math scores are crashing but administrators care more about one crazy policy.

Minneapolis Public Schools will spend more than $2 million to incorporate “ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity” into the Kindergarten through 5th grade math curriculum, according to a June school board presentation.

At the same time, student proficiency scores are plummeting.

A school district executive director said at a June 14 school board meeting that he knew curriculum to be implemented in the fall, “reflects the lived experiences of our Minneapolis students and develops positive math identity by adding cultural and linguistically responsive materials.”

According to publicschoolreview.com, only 43 percent of Minneapolis public school students are proficient in math, 14 points lower than the Minnesota average.

One would think that at a time when students in a given district are falling behind their peers, the school board would prioritize turning that around, but as is all too often the case, ideology is trumping what’s best for kids.

Minneapolis is just the latest school district to prioritize “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) initiatives over academics.

Public schools in Montgomery County, Maryland in July amended their fourth- and fifth-grade social studies curriculum to include “Social Justice Standards” for “anti racist” education.

This occurred even though about half of its students lack proficiency in math and language arts. 

Seattle’s school district spent $5 million on DEI initiatives, allotting only $4.5 million to math, science, and literacy.

In a real blow to students’ long-term prospects in college placement, Virginia Democrats have proposed eliminating most advanced math courses in the name of equity.

Minneapolis Public Schools approved two contracts with the Math Learning Center to purchase the DEI curricula, for a combined total of over $2.2 million.

The school district asked for parent feedback by dividing parents by race and ethnicity to discuss the proposed changes in “culturally specific” focus groups.

Superintendent Ed Graff said at the meeting, “The diversified curriculum has been a shared priority for a number of years. The math curriculum will contribute to an understanding of ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity and create culturally inclusive materials and learning experiences.”

Education has played a prominent role in electoral politics in the last year as leftists have sought to dramatically change what’s being taught and how in classrooms all across the country.

As Governor Glenn Youngkin’s victory in blue Virginia over incumbent Democrat Terry McAullife last year showed, leftists anger parents of public school children at their own peril.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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