Minneapolis DEI director just fell back on a tired excuse when confronted over pattern of failures

One of the hallmarks of radical leftists in positions of power is to never accept blame while always feeling entitled.

It’s a poisonous mindset that has destroyed cities and businesses but nonetheless remains frustratingly common.

Now a Minneapolis DEI director just fell back on a tired excuse when confronted over a pattern of failures.

Many feel that the “Diversity, Equity Inclusion” mantra is downright poisonous.

While many on the right and center of the political spectrum reject the left-wing doctrine over its racialist message, it seems to play well with leftists.

Evidence suggests fertile soil for rampant opportunism sprouting, can be found especially in far-left enclaves.

Enter Tyeastia Green, the former director of Minneapolis’s Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Department.

Green left the city after she completely mishandled “I Am My Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams Expo” in which her office was supposed to bring in 20,000 attendees to the event designed to raise awareness of black-owned businesses.

A whole lot of money spent for nothing

What happened instead was that less than 20% of that attendee goal had even registered for the event, with far fewer actually showing up.

After the city spent nearly $700,000 on the lackluster event, a review was commissioned and revealed illuminating information about Green and her antics.

Green was found to have lied to the City Council about securing $3 million from a foundation for the event.

In addition, the Expo was to feature small black-owned businesses from Minneapolis and St. Paul areas but only 35 of 63 vendors were from the area.

When confronted about her alleged ruse, Green told The Daily Mail, “I’m not happy about the way I’ve been characterized” and went on to accuse (black) city officials Andrea Jenkins and LaTrisha Vetaw – of being ‘anti-black.’

Jenkins responded, “I’m not anti-black, I’m anti-incompetent.”

When this story made national and international headlines, officials halfway across the country heard something that sounded all too familiar.

Deja Vu?

Green had previously been the director of Burlington, Vermont’s Office of Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging before she left under a similar cloud.

Here too, in 2022 the Burlington Juneteenth event went over budget.

When attorney Heather Ross reviewed the event and noticed “red flags” in some of the invoices.

Just as in Minneapolis, “many out-of-state vendors were used for Juneteenth 2022, as well as for Black History month in 2022.”

Ross further said that, “we did not observe any detailed event plan outlining the agenda, vendors, services, supplies, timeline, funding, or budget needs for Juneteenth 2022.”

Green feels that she has been exonerated because the report found only “mismanagement and carelessness” but stopped short of accusing fraud.

Talk about a low bar.

She said, “If I was spending city funds on a white event, I don’t believe that I would have been audited at all by either city.”

Maybe, but then again, if all you have is a racialist hammer, anything and everything is a racist nail.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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