Mandela Barnes found out the Internet never forgets after one disturbing social media post was unearthed

Autumn has arrived and the only thing falling more quickly than the temperatures are the Democrats’ electoral prospects.

And Democrat US Senate hopeful Mandela Barnes has to swallow one bitter pill.

Because the revelation of this disturbing social media post showed Mandela Barnes that the Internet never forgets.

Democrat wannabe senator who just can’t keep his mouth shut made an offensive comparison about black conservatives

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. and Democrat Senate candidate Mandela Barnes once compared black conservatives to slaves and disagreed that a black sheriff shares the same race as him.

In 2017, black American musician Tina Campbell announced her support for President Trump, tweeting, “Tina Campbell of Mary Mary supports Trump due to his Christian beliefs.”

That didn’t sit well with Barnes, who, in typical leftist ideologue fashion, just can’t handle a difference of opinion.

In response to her tweet, Barnes commented, “Guess the shackles are still on her feet after all.”

One pop-off, while impolite, could perhaps be explained by having a bad day but it seems that this is a clear pattern with Barnes.

“I don’t even accept him as black”

In 2016, while Barnes was a state representative, he was quoted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel where he criticized black conservative Democrat David Clarke of Milwaukee County, saying “I don’t accept him as black. Milwaukee County has one black countywide elected official, and I don’t even accept him as black.”

State Sen. Julian Bradley is the first black Republican to serve in the Wisconsin State Senate, and called the rhetoric “disgusting.”

Bradley said,

“They’re just — they’re disgusting. It’s something that black conservatives, we experience this regularly, and it’s troubling in Wisconsin, especially because you think about why the Republican Party was started and where. It was started right here in Wisconsin. It was founded for the purpose of abolishing slavery. It was founded for the purpose of remembering all men are created equally. Black men, white men, everybody. All people are equal and should be treated equal and seen and viewed as equal in the law. Here is a black legislator who somehow thinks he has the right to strip black conservatives of their race. And that’s — it’s disgusting. It’s — it’s absolutely disgusting.”

Joe Biden told black Americans to get back on Democrat plantation in 2020

Barnes isn’t the only Democrat to assume that blacks should have unquestioning loyalty to their preferred political party.

In a 2020 radio interview, then Candidate Joe Biden angrily and ludicrously posited, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t black.”

Barnes continues to be dogged by his own prior social media posts.

In one tweet, Barnes called Trump a ‘Russian spy,’ while in another, he wrote that he does not believe George Washington was a top President.

After leading in the polls over the summer, Barnes has seen incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson regain a small but consistent lead.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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