Man pulls off a remarkable heist — and that’s saying a lot in the crime-infested city he did it in

In today’s America, crime has become an unavoidable problem, especially in this nation’s many urban centers. 

After years of pro-crime policies, criminals have gained the edge over underfunded or just plain overwhelmed Police departments. 

But it’s so bad in this one crime-infested city that one man decided to take a shot at an unthinkable heist. 

One of the most concerning phenomena in this nation is undoubtedly the massive spike in crime seen over the last several years. 

In Seattle recently one poor woman was simply trying to use public transportation to get from Seattle to Bainbridge, Washington via the ferry between the two cities.  

Just after she pulled up to the ferry stop, a man wearing a ferry worker’s vest asked for her keys so he could park the car onboard for her. 

Little did she know that an unnamed criminal stole that vest, and immediately after getting her keys, he stole her car. 

But the thief did not get far after crashing the car in a busy intersection nearby.  However, he was able to flee the crashed vehicle and remains at large. 

Thief still at large

This theft proves that you should not trust anybody, especially in dangerous cities such as Seattle. 

The sad thing is, that crimes like this have become very common in Seattle, where the law is nothing more than a mild suggestion. 

Many cities and municipalities completely gutted their police budgets and adopted a series of pro-crime policies as leftist mobs went wild with riots in 2020. 

And as a result of police budgets being slashed, criminals have gained the edge on law enforcement in many places.

Unsurprisingly, criminals are more emboldened than ever now and crime is through the roof, with law-abiding taxpayers left to be victims in under-policed cities like Seattle. 

Seattle has turned into a complete hellhole thanks to the radical left. 

How criminals gained the edge over police

The people of Seattle, and every city in America for that matter, deserve better than to live their lives in a constant state of mistrust and fear. 

Having said that, it is hard to feel but so bad for many of these people who have voted for far-Left Socialists their entire lives.

They should not be surprised that these Socialists stood by doing nothing as Seattle was run right into the ground. 

You cannot defund police and reasonably expect crime to go down.  Most criminals are not just going to wake up one morning and realize that they are wrong for living a life of crime. 

Violent criminals belong in jail, and keeping them out of jail in favor of social programs is not just proven to not work, but is just flat-out stupid. 

Until the people of Seattle are willing to reject the Socialists destroying their city, then this sort of crime isn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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