Lori Lightfoot’s legacy proves dreadful as Chicago PD issues one ominous warning ahead of 2024

The Windy City is in rough shape these days with unsafe neighborhoods and a rash of thefts.

Those with the means to escape have done so, and many businesses have followed over the past couple years.

Now Lori Lightfoot’s legacy proves dreadful as Chicago PD issues an ominous warning ahead of 2024.

Chicago police have been warning residents that their cars might not be there when they get back.

At least seven times in April, when people parked in one South Shore neighborhood, they came to realize hours later that their cars had been stolen.

Police say that four masked men in their late teens or early 20s have been responsible for the recent armed carjackings.

In each case, the group approaches the victim then steals their car or other belongings.

Police say that in one case the group of men forced a woman out of her car as she was parking.

Surveillance video showed the suspects getting out of her stolen car nearby, then speeding away in a different one.

A witness said, “It was really heart-breaking to hear another woman outside my window screaming for help like that.”

Local Police:  “We don’t have enough police officers”

One carjacking occurred in the neighborhood represented by 26th Ward Alderman Roberto Maldonado.

He believes there needs to be an increased presence of officers in neighborhoods everywhere, along with more surveillance technology.

Maldonado said, “We don’t have enough police officers as it is. So, if we have massive numbers of cameras spread throughout all the neighborhoods equally, then we may see a diminution.”

In one case, a carjacker fired shots as a victim tried to get away.

In 2021, the worst year on record, 1,849 cars were stolen by armed assailants. 

Already this year, around three hundred such incidents have been reported.

Leftist talk show host Bill Maher noted that the elevated crime rate is disproportionately impacting black neighborhoods.

Maher said, “But why isn’t anyone ever talking to — like Chicago, most of the shootings are young black men killing other young black men, is that not correct? Okay, much more than what the cops do. Why doesn’t anybody talk about that? Why aren’t there a hundred giant black celebrities who would have the respect of those people saying, what are you doing to yourselves? Why are you killing each other? I feel like it’s never addressed.”

Pundits believe that the carjackings and overall spike in crime helped lead to outgoing Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s recent election loss.

At the 2024 DNC, you can check out any time you like but you can never leave…because your car will be gone

Chicagoans couldn’t afford to replace Lightfoot with another soft-on-crime Democrat.  But it appears that is what they have done. 

And it’s just in time for the city preparing to host the Democratic National Convention starting on August 19 of next year.

According to Illinoisreview.com, with a one million dollar contribution, donors will get one premium room booking and one preferred room booking at a DCCC hotel and ten tickets to events.

The site added, “However, ticket prices do not include a complimentary bullet proof vest or carjacking alarm if you choose to rent a vehicle. In that sense, you’re on your own.”

Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson, is set to take office on May 15.

Johnson hit Chicagoans with a wild response after Chicago youth staged a violent “teen takeover” of the Windy City’s downtown area last month.

Chicago Mayor-elect Johnson urged the public not to “demonize” the hordes of rampaging young people who set cars on fire, clashed with cops, damaged private property and violently attacked random passersby.

Johnson, a far-Left Democrat and former teachers union organizer, said, “[I]t is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities. Our city must work together to create spaces for youth to gather safely and responsibly, under adult guidance and supervision, to ensure that every part of our city remains welcome for both residents and visitors.”

Given the trends in Chicago in recent years, that’s more of a genuine concern than a laughing matter.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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