Lori Lightfoot roasted after Chicago O’Hare turns into a dystopian wasteland that’s scaring the janitors

Flying into Chicago was never known as a fun time in the past.

But now visitors to Chicago are now descending into Lori Lighfoot’s dystopian wasteland the moment they step off their flight.

And the Windy City’s Mayor is getting roasted over conditions at Chicago O’Hare airport that are scaring even the janitors.

Chicago locals who have traveled recently have started lighting up Twitter with tales about the shockingly awful conditions inside the United State’s fourth busiest airport.

Somehow, the airport—which you’d think would be one of the most secure places in the nation—has developed a homeless problem big enough it even has a representative from a local non-profit in charge of trying to manage the problem.

That said, the situation is very obviously completely out of control.

“@chicagosmayor please clean up this city! This is the current state of O’Hare airport, homeless everywhere, sleeping all over terminal 2 and getting in peoples faces yelling,” one Twitter user wrote. “This is the first impression people get when they land in this city.”

Another user posted a picture of a man sprawled out sound asleep in the middle of the terminal.

A picture showing piles of belongings, trash, and even a bike was shared by another user.

According to the non-profit Haymarket center, which works with the homeless at O’Hare, 2022 brought an additional 618 new members to the airport’s homeless population—piled on top of the 431 from the year before.

For those who work in the airport overnight it’s created a truly terrifying situation.

“It’s out of control,” custodian Vonkisha Chatman told CBS News. “None of us feel safe.”

Another airport worker, Catherine Thompson, told CBS News she’s been stalked while trying to do her job.

“They will come up behind you. This one man followed us last night,” she explained.

The incredible mess is starting to get serious attention as Lightfoot faces reelection.

Conservatives are laying into Chicago’s failed leader as more problems come to light.

“It’s part of the ongoing disintegration of Chicago,” Republican Dan Proft told the New York Post. “[Lightfoot] holds the primary responsibility.”

The political operative and talk radio host pointed out that Lightfoot is all talk and no action.

“She pounds her fists at a podium and says ‘We’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do that’ for public safety — and it doesn’t get done,” he added.

Now the problems created by the current leadership have reached epic proportions.

“The situation at O’Hare is unprecedented,” he added. “It’s as bad as [Chicagoans] can remember in terms of quality-of-life issues.”

The truth is far-left Democrats all over the United States have had three years to prove what they can accomplish when given free reign—and the result has been an unmitigated disaster.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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