Lori Lightfoot just landed a new job that will allow her to do even more damage than at her last one

Lori Lightfoot did such a bad job in her single term as Chicago mayor that she couldn’t even break the top-two in the Democrat primary earlier this year. 

But now she’s being rewarded by a deep-pocketed benefactor. 

And in her new position, Lightfoot could do even more damage than at her last one “running” the Windy City. 

Violent crime is surging to epidemic proportions in America’s bluest cities.

In those same cities, homelessness and opioid overdoses are reaching epidemic proportions.

And school districts in those same cities are consistently failing students.  

America’s third largest city is leading the charge in all those devastating categories. 

It’s been so bad in Chicago, residents didn’t even advance their then-Mayor Lori Lightfoot to the runoff in the Mayoral election earlier this year. 

In fact, Lightfoot finished a distant third, receiving less than 17% of the vote. 

Of course, as blue city voters are apparently wanton to do, they elected another Democrat who promised to continue the failed policies of his predecessor. 

Many Americans thought expensive tuition was already a waste of money

But don’t feel bad for Lightfoot – it didn’t take her long to find a new job. 

Harvard University has hired Lightfoot to teach a course that will leave you scratching your head. 


The failed former Mayor’s course at Harvard is titled “Health Policy and Leadership.” 

According to Harvard’s description of the course, students will learn how to run a city in crisis and deal with the media.

As Washington Examiner Chief Political Correspondent and Fox News contributor Byron York pointed out, Lighfoot is hardly qualified for the curriculum. 

“Thousands of people were killed and wounded in the violence that marked Lori Lightfoot’s disastrous term as Chicago’s mayor,” York tweeted. “Now, Harvard has hired her to teach a course called ‘Health Policy and Leadership.’” 

However, Lightfoot thinks her failed record makes her the perfect fit for an Ivy League education. 

“I heard that from the students yesterday — they want to learn from somebody who’s kind of been on the front lines and in the trenches,” Lightfoot told WBEZ following her first class. “But also how you bring people together in a moment of crisis, how you get things done, how you build lasting foundations to build on to address other issues that come up.”

Given Chicago’s surging violent crime rates – to the point where delivery drivers are now being targeted for robberies and even killed – gangs, rampant poverty, drug abuse, homelessness, and ineffective schools; Lightfoot sure does know about crisis. 

However, Chicago voters showed what they thought of her ability to handle crisis when less than one-in-five voted for her to get a second term in office. 

As the Chicago Sun-Times reports, Lightfoot also has a less-than-stellar track record working with the media. 

Perhaps she’ll teach students to punish reporters who ask hard questions as she did – and to stop giving press avails altogether when things get tough, also like she did by the end of her reign running the Second City. 

According to Chicago Sun-Times, the graduate-level course will include Lightfoot holding “a mock press conference, a simulated community meeting, and guest speakers to teach in part about the dangers of politicizing a pandemic and how to interact with the media…” 

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