Lori Lightfoot just got a disturbing reason to gloat in her feud with San Francisco Mayor London Breed

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is one of the worst mayors in the country.

But San Francisco Mayor London Breed has an ace up her sleeve to challenge Lightfoot for that title.

Because Lori Lightfoot just got a disturbing reason to gloat in her feud with San Francisco Mayor London Breed.

Blue cities around the country have experienced a serious uptick in violent crime.

Even people on the Left are getting fed up with leadership in these Democrat strongholds.

San Francisco v Chicago – a tale of different drug crime styles

But liberals are ignoring one crisis that won’t go away even as they are finally getting disturbed by the rising levels of crime.

When crime gets so far out of control, leftists tend to eventually hold their noses and elect a Republican to clean things up like a morally ambiguous hired hand in a classic western.

Once the city is back on track, the liberals discard the Republican, just like the old west gunslinger.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was only able to win on a law and order mandate because crime had spiraled out of control.

In Los Angeles, residents almost elected Rick Caruso for mayor even though he only recently changed party affiliation from Republican to Democrat in order to run in the liberal city.

And in San Francisco, residents recalled Communist District Attorney Chesa Boudin after his pro-crime policies only created more misery.

However, liberals in San Francisco are not yet ready to tackle homelessness and the problems that fuel it.

Leftists think that homelessness is a housing or resources issue, but it’s really a mental health and/or substance abuse addiction issue.

And San Francisco is again on pace to eclipse 600 overdose deaths in 2022; the city had 641 such deaths in 2021.

Around 50% of San Francisco drug overdoses happen within a mile of a so-called “overdose prevention center”

For the sake of comparison, if those OD deaths were considered homicides, San Francisco would be the second deadliest city in the country, only behind Chicago (797 homicides).

However, San Francisco only has about 30% the population of Chicago.

If calculated as a homicide rate (homicides per 100,000 people), San Francisco would have by far the worst homicide rate of any major city in the country at an eye-popping 78.7.

The problem is that liberals are pathologically opposed to “punching down,” i.e. blaming the victim or criticizing those who do not have systemic power.

That core philosophy means that leftists will not hold drug users accountable.

For example, there are facilities that have sobriety requirements and curfews, but even that is a bridge too far for some leftists.

And at the same time, they believe people have a fundamental right to live in squalor on public streets.

If there are no standards and no mandate to take people off the street and into a facility (or jail), then the problem will not be solved.

And crime will continue to rise.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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