Lori Lightfoot flipped when this Democrat jumped ship

Lori Lightfoot is supposed to be leading the third biggest city in America but it looks more like she’s running Chicago into the ground.

Chicagoans might find things looking up soon though and Lightfoot marched out.

Because a Democrat who just jumped ship on Lori Lightfoot has her flipping out.

Back in 2019, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot swept into office as the Windy City’s first black, female mayor.

No doubt, people in the blue city were all kinds of proud of themselves for nailing all kinds of “diversity” and “inclusion” goal.

But as reality settled in, the shine of their leftist pick wore off super-fast.

Now, as Chicago melts down into a dystopian wasteland, Lori Lightfoot is suddenly discovering her handpicked city council committee leaders are becoming increasingly disillusioned.

Two thirds of Chicago City Council refuse to back Lightfoot reelection

At this point Lightfoot has only been endorsed by 5 of the 15 city council members leading committees.

According to local news outlets, it’s a situation speaking to the Mayor’s deep unpopularity.

“It is nearly unprecedented for City Council committee chairs to urge the defeat of the mayor that hand-picked them for their high-profile positions, which comes with power at City Hall and an annual budget of nearly $200,000,” WTTW, a local public television station reported.

Out of the 50 total city council members only eight are publicly supporting the mayor’s reelection.

South Side Council member jumps ship

An especially severe blow to Lightfoot’s campaign was dealt this week by South Side Council member Pat Dowell who announced she won’t be supporting the incumbent’s campaign this year.

While Dowell helped Lightfoot win back in 2019, she’s now supporting fellow commissioner Brandon Johnson for the city’s top spot.

That news comes as Johnson unveiled his “sweeping plan to fight violent crime.”

Johnson is only one of numerous candidates gunning for the Mayor’s Office.

Meanwhile, observers with the corporate-controlled media have been shocked to see Democrats fighting like cats and dogs over crime.

But Lightfoot’s meteoric rise and subsequent fall from favor speaks to the limits to—and dangers of—the identity politics favored by Democrats.

Choosing someone who checks off the boxes for the right demographics, independent of ability, is a recipe for disaster.

And when policy fails, local politicians feel the sting first since they’re closest to those struggling to live with the consequences of every leftist scheme that comes down the pike.

Democrats can be stunned that the Chicago mayor’s race has become a one-issue race focused on crime all they want.

The Left’s pro-crime policies may be about to blow up in the Democrat Party’s face.

Those abandoning Lightfoot are doing so because it’s necessary in a struggle for political survival.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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