Lori Lightfoot caught the U.S. Marshals’ attention

Chicago is a criminal dumpster fire.

The “news” out of the Windy City hardly catches most people’s attention anymore because the violence is so frequent.

But the Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot just caught the U.S. Marshals’ attention.

It was another weekend chock full of violent crime, but for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot that once again took a back seat last week.

Instead Lightfoot whined about the Supreme Court decision out of Washington, D.C. while another weekend dumpster fire raged at home.

According to Breitbart, fifteen people were shot and three people died just between Friday and Saturday alone.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported there were two additional fatal shootings as the weekend continued, to make for a total number of fatal shootings for the weekend of five.

One of the shooting fatalities was a 5-month-girl who was shot in the head and fatally wounded while sitting in a car.


At a Gay Pride event over the weekend, Lightfoot trained her rhetorical fire at SCOTUS over last week’s abortion ruling.

Lightfoot shouted, “F— Clarence Thomas!”

Continuing her attack, she said, “He thinks that we are going to stand idly by while they take our rights.”

Such comments should draw attention from the U.S. Marshals Service, which is responsible for all federal judges’ security.

It’s doubtful that Lightfoot will get any dressing down from federal authorities, but several mayoral challengers took issue with the mayor’s comments.

Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas said, “It’s pretty embarrassing. There’s ways to criticize without inciting people to mob action. Even if you were echoing what somebody else said in the crowd, it’s dangerous and totally inappropriate. You’re almost trying to agitate people to violence when you think about it. … If that’s not an invitation — if that’s not sanctioning it through your rhetoric — I don’t know what does.”

Given the realities of criminal activity every single weekend in the Windy City under Lightfoot’s “leadership” the criticism hits close to home.

Mayoral challenger Kam Buckner said, “It’s not something that I would say. It’s not something that I would expect from the person who is representing this city on the public stage. We’ve got to be mindful that our young people are watching. Our young people are listening.”

Steve Boulton, chairman of the Chicago Republican Party, reacted Monday to Lightfoot’s comments and said, “I think the mayor’s action was very irresponsible. Whether she made the original statement or not, it’s not her place to repeat statements like that, attacking a United States Supreme Court Justice.”

While Lightfoot wades into cultural issues, crime is spiraling out of control in her city.

She’s either unwilling or incapable of focusing on issues of paramount importance to her constituents and they are the ones who are suffering from her failures.

Hopefully the voters render their verdict accordingly in November.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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