LGBTQ takeover led to the last thing police needed in this nightmare state’s biggest city

Blue state government’s policies take their worst toll in their biggest cities.

Citizens are fed up.

And a recent LGBTQ takeover led to the last thing police needed in this nightmare state’s biggest city.

Overwhelmed police officers are having a hard time stopping violence across America.

Over the last couple of years, the country has been plagued by a massive crime wave.

Society is collapsing is seen first in Blue States where law-abiding citizens are afraid to leave their homes, and police departments say they’re at whit’s end with politicians tying their hands.

This massive crime spree started during the riots of 2020, when many municipalities revised their criminal justice systems to favor a soft on crime stance.

The sad truth is, people are dying in the name of “social justice” but more people and especially black people are dying as a result of these brain dead “reforms”.

Chicago in particular has seen an insane crime spree as of late, and police officers have been overwhelmed with violent attacks.

Ever since the riots of 2020, the leaders and criminals in the Windy City have treated laws as mere suggestions.

Chicago has of course had a crime problem for a very long time.

But south side Chicago has gotten so bad that it is often referred to as “Chiraq” – as in Iraq – which by most accounts actually has lower crime rates.

But in recent years, this crime has spilled out of south side and now the entire city is enveloped in terror.

Things got so bad in 2020 that the bridges had to be lifted, preventing thugs from ransacking the city’s once magnificent mile.

Two years later, things have only gotten worse under the watch of Chicago’s cartoon villain-esque mayor Lori Lightfoot.

And all hell broke loose after the LGBTQ takeover for the city’s recent Pride parade.

Once all the drag queens, perverts and trannies passed by on their rainbow floats, chaos ensued.

At around 3 am, a massive brawl broke out in downtown Chicago, and according to the police, there were not enough officers to quell the uproar.

The very fact that the police had to watch chaos ensue with no means of ending it proves just how underfunded they are.

Now more than ever, police officers need to have their hands untied so they can enforce the law.

Society is collapsing, and the radical Left does not seem to give a damn.

That is, until it affects them.

Cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and New York have so much need to revisit their anti-police policies because now that people cannot even walk down the street safely.

The truth is, this massive spike in crime will only get worse as long as long as radical Democrats are calling the shots in these big cities.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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