Leftists tried to pretend their city was overrun this Christmas with these countless grinch characters caught on video

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a holiday classic.

But the version that played out in one city this year is missing the redeeming ending.

And these leftists tried to pretend their city was overrun this Christmas after these grinch characters were caught on video.

The deadliest storm in more than 40 years blew into the Buffalo, New York area over the Christmas weekend.

And while emergency responders worked desperately to save people caught out in the elements, the corporate-controlled media was busy pretending the Empire State’s massive crime problem doesn’t exist.

In a year when average citizens have been calling for lawmakers to get a grip on crime, you’d think widespread looting would be an obvious story to cover.

Instead, the thieves themselves provided more coverage on their own exploits than the press did.

Buffalo businesses ravaged by looters in the wake of historic bomb cyclone

While local station WGRZ reported on two “looting incidents” confirmed by New York State Police, Twitter was filled with dramatic video of criminals ransacking multiple Family Dollar stores, a Dollar General, a 7-Eleven, and Rite Aid Pharmacy among others.

One Twitter account, Intel Point Alert, reported “Heavy gunfire heard as looters flee a business in Buffalo, New York.”

Michael Schwartz with WKBW-TV was a rare exception where a journalist actually reported on a looting—albeit one of the least expensive.

“Last night Nickel City Liquor in Buffalo was broken into & robbed. $500 worth of alcohol stolen,” he wrote on Twitter along with posting a security video of the theft. “Owner had to sleep there, unable to board it up. He said ‘they have cheap & bad taste.’”

One Twitter user fed up with crime responded to Schwartz noting that, “People died, people were stranded, had to abandoned their cars. Indiana Jones out here making sure he’s getting into the liquor store.”

“Put his a$$ in jail,” she added.

Mayor calls looters “lowest of the low”

“People who are out looting when people are losing their lives in this harsh winter storm is just absolutely reprehensible,” Brown said Monday. “I don’t know how these people can even live with themselves, how they can look at themselves in the mirror,” Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said. “They are the lowest of the low.”

Thanks to woke activists, Brown spent last year facing off against a socialist who helped push the “Defund The Police” movement in that region of the state.

And no matter what politicians promise, criminal elements are well aware that they are likely to get away with almost anything these days.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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