Leftists in one true blue state just got slapped with a massive wake-up call

With mind boggling pro-crime policies, over the past two years Democrats did their level best to tear apart our society. 

Marxist Black Lives Matter protestors ransacked cities and demanded that police departments disappear. 

But now leftists in one true blue state just got slapped with a massive wake-up call.

San Francisco is home to some of the most self-congratulatory leftists in the world. 

It’s the global epicenter of high-tech social engineering. 

It’s also a hot mess thanks to the pro-crime policies Democrats have been dutifully implementing. 

But this week, voters made it abundantly clear leftist leaders have crossed a line with their criminals-first approach to governing. 

District Attorney Chesa Boudin was unceremoniously booted out of office thanks to a recall vote focused on his pro-crime policies. 

On Wednesday, the former DA was busy making all kinds of excuses for why about 60% of voters showed up to kick him out of office ASAP. 

“The right-wing billionaires outspent us 3 to 1,” Boudin claimed while failing to acknowledge his own role in making San Francisco residents feel afraid to enjoy their own city – one they pay a fortune for the “privilege” of living in. 

“There are so many car break-ins, house break-ins and stolen bicycles,” Kevin Wakelin told the San Francisco Examiner. “No one can afford a brand new bicycle every other week but that truly happens to some of us, and it’s terrible. He [Boudin] needs to take responsibility for that.”

The recall comes in response to the predictable increase in crime across the city after electing a radical pro-crime leftist. 

And listening to recall organizers dance around the fact that they can’t live with leftist policies is downright entertaining. 

“This election does not mean that San Francisco has drifted to the far right on our approach to criminal justice,” recall campaign chair Mary Jung said in a statement. “In fact, San Francisco has been a national beacon for progressive criminal justice reform for decades and will continue to do so with new leadership.”

Another organizer quickly jumped in to agree with that assessment. 

“This is not a message to the rest of the country, but to take care of our community,” Andrea Shorter said. “It’s really making sure you have balance around the idea of progressive reform and safety. They are one and the same, and we got off track.”

By “off track” she means that they did what a bunch of Marxists told them to do and it backfired big time. 

Incredibly, the ousted DA’s parents tangled with the justice system and lost. 

His late mother, Kathy Boudin, was a member of Weather Underground – a militant group that grew out of the Third World Marxists.

She was thrown in jail when Chesa was only 14-months old for murder and bank robbery. 

His father also served time for crimes committed through the militant group. 

According to Britannica, Weather Underground was so violently committed to forcing communism onto Americans that they would storm schools “by marching into classrooms, tying up and gagging teachers, and presenting revolutionary speeches.”

They also ransacked the Harvard Institute for International Affairs along with beating professors. 

Unfortunately, the current crop of “progressives” contains more traditionalists than they’d ever admit – and if they manage to finish what their parents started, America will end up a dystopian Third World wasteland. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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