Leftists in one city found the perfect excuse to wreck America with their socialist scheme

Most big blue cities were decimated by Marxist Black Lives Matter riots in 2020.

And you’d better believe that was only their first step in an aggressive takeover attempt.

Now, leftists in one city have found the perfect excuse to wreck America with their socialist scheme.

Back in 2020, Black Lives Matter rioters stormed through residential neighborhoods demanding that white residents give up their homes.

In the wake of the riots, people in the blue city are trying to figure out how to live with the ugly remnants of the Marxist social movement along with the economic impact of leftist pandemic policies.

Rather than clean up the city and cut back on government roadblocks crippling the economy, Seattle is waffling between which leftist plan to implement as homeless encampments fill the city’s sidewalks and parks.

Now there’s a big push to implement a socialist program that’s already used in other parts of the world.

A ballot initiative was filed in Seattle this week to push for “social housing.”

The coalition pushing the initiative initially formed to oppose a plan called “Compassion Seattle,” which would have pushed the city to build 2,000 homeless shelters in a single year so public places could be cleaned up and kept that way.

“We opposed the Compassion Seattle Charter Amendment because it failed to address any of the root cause issues that lead to homelessness,” House our Neighbors wrote in a statement on
its website. “Instead, it proposed a set of mandates that sensationalized vulnerable people for political gain while claiming to be compassionate.”

Like all Socialist/Communist utopian dreams, creating “publicly owned housing that’s designed to be permanently affordable and shielded from private market forces” is almost guaranteed to fail spectacularly.

At the end of the day, “everybody’s” property will inevitably become a money pit nobody is truly invested in caring for in the long run.

Creating housing functioning independent of market forces will also further separate economic classes in the city.

Dismissing the dream of home ownership as non-essential is one of the best ways to make people who are dealing with a temporary financial setback permanently dependent on government programs.

Over time, especially during periods of skyrocketing inflation, homeownership provides average Americans with one asset that continues to increase in value even after paychecks are spent.

While insanely expensive housing markets like Seattle’s are enough to make any aspiring homeowner despair, the difference between a government response and a market response are striking.

If someone qualifies for a public housing program, they are likely incentivized to remain below a certain income bracket for as long as possible to keep their way of life funded.

On the other hand, if expensive housing costs for low level employees force a huge number to flee the area, it’s only a matter of time before employers start offering wages that will keep their employees showing up for work every day.

But for all their muttering about “compassion,” leftists are all for offering short-term help in exchange for their own long-term political gain.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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