Leftists in one blue state are plotting to find out how many guns are in every child’s home

Gun grabbers are always looking for ways to create gun registries.

Gun owners fear a gun registry would be used by the government to seize firearms.

Now leftists in one blue state are fueling the fire for those concerns after devising a scheme to learn how many guns are in every child’s home.

A proposed law in California would require parents of public and charter school students to disclose whether any guns are kept in their homes and – believe it or not – where they are stored.

The over-the-top Big Brother-style proposal comes as Democrats capitalize on the Oxford, Michigan shooting last fall.

“When in approximately 68% of school shootings the firearm was taken from the student’s home, friend, or relative, California needs to move the needle and take prudent public safety steps to address this problem,” bill sponsor State Senator Anthony Portantino said. “When we know that in 93% of those incidents the attack was planned in advance and in many instances threatening or concerning communications prior to the attack elicit concern from parents, friends, and educators, we must move from threat assessment to protective action without hesitation.”

Leftist have never believed in letting a crisis go to waste.

This new aggressive push against Californian’s Second Amendment rights comes after Governor Gavin Newsom pledged to push new gun laws in the state.

Newsom’s threat to double down on gun control came after the United States Supreme Court upheld a Texas law effectively banning abortion in the state.

While Democrats try to pitch their gun grabs as a “safety” issue, it’s obvious they’re really trying to boost centralized government control.

Republicans in a blue state are already a minority and it’s easy to imagine how conservative gun owners could become targeted by leftist school administrators if they had to disclose information about their firearms.

Furthermore, whether physical or digital, a required list of firearms would become a massive security risk.

If every school in the state were required to keep that information, it would quickly become valuable information hackers could sell on the black market.

No doubt, criminals would love to have a list of all the firearms owned by a huge portion of the state’s population so they could target those homes for thefts during the day when parents are typically at work.

Knowing which families don’t own firearms would also be valuable information on the dark web.

If California politicians really cared about the safety of families, they would stop trying to take the ability to protect themselves away from honest individuals and start cracking down on crime in that state.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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