Leftist women are going to extremes to build pressure on the Supreme Court. But it might not have the intended effect

To a certain subset of leftists, legality and availability of abortion supersedes all other issues.

This group is livid at the prospect of the Supreme Court overturning the judicial activism of the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973.

Now leftist women are going to extremes to build pressure on the Supreme Court. But it might not have the intended effect.

After a draft of the majority opinion of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization was leaked last week, leftists became unhinged.

Even though overturning Roe v. Wade wouldn’t actually outlaw abortion, some of the reaction to this leak has been dramatic, by design.

It is thought that the draft opinion was leaked in order to allow for a pressure campaign to take place in the hopes that some justices could be swayed before the final opinion is released.

The View co-host Joy Behar’s brilliant idea to encourage people to rally to save Roe v. Wade is to organize a sex strike.

Behar claimed, “Women in the world have conducted sex strikes in history. In 2003, a sex strike helped to end Liberia’s brutal civil war and the woman who started it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2009, Kenyan women enforced a sex ban until police political infighting ceased. Within one week, there was a stable government. We have more power than we think we do and some of it could be in the bedroom.”

Sara Haines, another co-host, called Behar’s idea “a perfect weapon and method for the topic we’re talking about.”

Leftist women on a sex strike could, ironically, reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, thereby theoretically reducing the number of abortions.

But Behar’s idea was savaged on social media.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, “I don’t think the ladies of the view participating in a ‘sex strike’ is going to have the effect that they intended. Just sayin . . .”

Cartoonist Scott Adams says, “A sex strike by Democrat women would end the need for abortions. Everyone wins.”

Fox Nation host Jimmy Failla had perhaps the most amusing take, saying, “Joy Behar says she’s going on a sex strike. And here I was thinking she wanted to punish men.”

It seems that if the far-left ladies on The View want to recruit the public to pressure Supreme Court Justices on Roe, they may need to come up with a new plan.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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