Leftist Denver mayor has the gall to complain after getting exactly what he asked for and demanded you pay

Political posturing is nothing new and not exclusive to either major party.

But it’s particularly rich when years of leftist virtue-signaling brings a result that should have been obvious to even the most hardened partisans.

Now, the leftist Denver mayor has the gall to complain after getting exactly what he asked for and demands you pay to fix his problem.

Leftist disingenuous virtue-signaling is nothing new.

Governor Ron DeSantis famously gave Martha’s Vineyard a golden opportunity to show off its self-proclaimed sanctuary status when he sent a scant 48 illegal immigrants there, but of course we all know what happened next.

The self-proclaimed compassionate residents and officials immediately sent those illegals packing, so as not to sully what they declared to be their sanctuary island.

Democrat meltdown on illegals in the Mile-High City

A similar breathtaking hypocrisy is now on display a couple thousand miles to the west in the Mile-High City of Denver, Colorado.

The city was recently on the receiving end of an inflow of illegal immigrants, spurring Mayor Michael Hancock to issue an emergency declaration in response.

The declaration triggers the ability of the city, businesses and local residents to apply for funding from the federal and state governments to help mitigate the crisis.

According to The Denver Post, Hancock complained “This influx of migrants, the unanticipated nature of their arrival and our current space and staffing challenges have put an immense strain on city resources to the level where they’re on the verge of reaching a breaking point at this time.”

The declaration triggers the ability of the city, businesses and local residents to apply for funding from the federal and state governments to help mitigate the crisis.

That’s right, taxpayers elsewhere are once again on the hook.

The Post insisted that “The migrants and asylum seekers were coming either on their own or at the encouragement of nonprofit organizations at the border that have provided recommendations for places they can go without advanced notice,” characterizing the declarations as Hancock’s.

Exactly what was asked for

But wait a minute.

Isn’t this exactly what the liberal newspaper and the leftist mayor had hoped would happen?

To ask the question is to answer it.

The Denver Gazette reports, “In 2017, the Denver City Council codified Denver’s status as a sanctuary city with an ordinance that prohibits city employees from collecting information on immigration or citizenship status, or prohibits the sharing of any other information about individuals for purposes of immigration enforcement.”

Indeed, the entire blue parade of “leadership” was all for loudly proclaiming that they wanted to create a magnet for migrants…until their words meant that they actually had to face the repercussions of their rhetoric.

Former Denver Mayor and Colorado Governor turned Senator John Hickenlooper said, “Denver will welcome these migrants with open arms and help any way they can. We will be empathetic to people put in a difficult situation.”

In 2017, current Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said, “If being a sanctuary city means that we value taking care of one another, and welcoming refugees and immigrants, then I welcome the title.”

It seems that for leftists the welcome mat is always out, until it brings any measure of discomfort to their neighborhoods, school systems, budgets and the like.

At that point it becomes a “crisis” because resources are stretched to “the breaking point.”

Pointing out far-left insincerity is useful to the extent that it becomes a “teachable moment” for the public in debating immigration policy.

Indeed, the best argument against leftist policy is often simply to showcase what happens when they get their way.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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