Lee Zeldin learned something that has Democrats hitting the panic button

In recent years Democrats have gone all in on waging culture wars.

It’s been off-putting to the point where the party is losing its grasp on what had traditionally been key constituencies.

Now, Lee Zeldin learned something that has Democrats hitting the panic button.

Asian Americans have supported Democrats by landslide margins for decades, nearly as long as their share of the electorate has been large enough to be measured by pollsters.

But now there are signs that their votes are getting harder and harder for the blue team to keep in their column – and it’s all because of the leftist obsession with woke politics.

Former Congressman Lee Zeldin kept the governor’s race closer than it had been in decades, losing to Kathy Hochul (D) by only six percentage points in deep blue New York in November, and the Asian American vote is a major reason why the contest was so close. 

All of the litany of Democrat failures are doubly true in New York with spiking inflation because of their abysmal economic agenda and a Governor whose approval ratings are even worse than Biden’s. 

But it’s the crime, more than anything else, that has Asian-Americans jumping ship because of the Democrats’ refusal to fix the problem.

Democrats halted their fake ‘Stop Asian Hate’ campaign when perps didn’t fit narrative

The Stop Asian Hate media campaign failed because white liberals tried to blame conservative Trump supporters for committing violent acts but in fact most of the perpetrators were anything but. 

The corporate-controlled media couldn’t portray a core Democrat constituency in a negative light, so coverage of this real problem, but with purposely misconstrued culprits, was abandoned.

There’s also the fact that Asians see Democrats dividing minority communities – often against them.

A prime example of this, includes the school administrators at a top high school in the Democrat-dominated Washington, D.C. suburbs who reportedly refused to hand out scholastic awards to a graduating class because Asian students dominated them, as the New York Post reported recently.

“Don’t take my vote for granted”

The New York Times, no doubt begrudgingly, reports, “One lifelong Democrat from Queens, Karen Wang, 48, who is Chinese American, said she had never felt as unsafe as she did these days. ‘Being Asian, I felt I had a bigger target on my back,’ she said. ‘My vote,’  she added, ‘was purely a message to Democrats: Don’t take my vote for granted.’  Besides crime, Asian American voters expressed concern over a proposal by former Mayor Bill de Blasio to change the admissions process for the city’s specialized high schools.”

New York State Senator John Liu (D-Queens) said, “Mr. Zeldin’s campaign message on the crime issue simply resonated better. Democrats have to improve the way they communicated with Asian Americans, particularly on education policy.”

According to official election results, in Queens, Zeldin managed to obtain 51 percent of the vote in a 70 percent Asian Assembly district that includes mostly Chinese and Korean immigrants. 

Herein lies the problem for Democrats.

They’ve actively alienated white working class voters to the extent that their winning margins in the Rust Belt states of the Midwest have been virtually eliminated, turning formerly blue states into tossups (Wisconsin, and Michigan) or Red states (Iowa, Ohio).

If the Democrat Party continues to cater to only the urban, college-educated, wealthy, white, and technocratic, they are going to find that winning elections will become a steeper climb.

Of course, if and when the Democrats lose, they’ll do what they always do and blame the voters instead of facing up to why so many find their policies so odious.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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