Lee Zeldin got huge news that has Kathy Hochul and the Democrats ready to throw in the towel

Democrats thought they could be as crazy as they wanted to be without suffering any consequences.

But even in deep-blue areas, that was a huge mistake.

Now Lee Zeldin just got huge news that has Kathy Hochul and the Democrats ready to throw in the towel.

Democrats are shockingly pouring money into the New York gubernatorial race, a state that Joe Biden won by 23 points in 2020.

Incumbent Kathy Hochul, who got the job after Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign amid multiple scandals, is in the race of her life against Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin.

New York is a blue state because of the overwhelming number of Democrats in New York City, but the state has gone red before, and it could happen again.

Republican George Pataki served as Governor for 12 years and left office in 2006.

Zeldin has a chance to be the next Republican Governor because Hochul and the Democrats have been so terrible at governance, particularly on the issue of crime.

Hispanic grocers coalition throws its weight behind Zeldin

Zeldin just got an endorsement from latino supermarket owners in New York City.

The New York Post reported that “fed up with a surge in shoplifting, a coalition of mostly Latino supermarket owners across the New York City area are raising $70,000 to back Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin in the last days before the election…The group of 70 entrepreneurs — who operate supermarkets under banners including Foodtown, Keyfoods, Fine Fare, Bravo’s, C-Town and Met Foods — are donating $1,000 each to Zeldin at a fundraising event on Monday at Cafe Rubio in Corona, Queens. The Long Island congressman’s promise to crack down on criminals who are looting grocery stores is resonating…”

Pro-crime policies have overtaken many blue cities across the country, and New York is no exception.

What did Democrats expect after demonizing and defunding police?

Crime surged in 2020 and 2021 as the police were demonized and defunded by Democrats, which led to a spate of resignations and early retirements.

With a decreased police presence, gun sales spiked, even in the heavy gun control state.

Nelson Eusebio—head of government relations for the National Supermarket Association, a trade group—explained, “These are Hispanic supermarket owners who have previously voted with the Democrats…But we are exhausted and need results.”

Major chains like Walgreens have been forced to close down in major cities, but some smaller stores are forced to go out of business altogether.

Hochul made a huge mistake in her debate with Zeldin when she downplayed the concerns New Yorkers have about crime.

She said to Zeldin, “Anyone who commits a crime under our laws, especially with the change they made to bail, has consequences. I don’t know why that’s so important to you.”

Except they don’t really have consequences because repeat offenders are routinely let back out on the streets.

If New York elects a GOP Governor, the Democrats have no one but themselves to blame.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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